Research Basins

The INARCH Inaugural Workshop
Hosted by the University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology Coldwater Laboratory at the Barrier Lake BioGeoSciences Centre, Kananaskis, Alberta, 22nd - 24th October 2015.

Workshop Statement


Introduction, Opening
Welcome, objectives and introduction of attendeesJohn PomeroyPDF
Importance of mountain headwaters to AlbertaJohn DiiwuPDF
Context of mountain observations and modelling in GEWEX's CCRN and large scale hydroclimatic changeHoward WheaterPDF
Mountain water resources, climate change – UNESCO’s interestAnil MishraPDF
Mountain Measurements and Observations
Austria and Tropical GlaciersGeorg KaserPDF
United States - NASA JPL McKenzie SkilesPDF
United States - NCAREthan GutmannPDF
SwitzerlandTobias JonasPDF
GermanyMatthias BernhardtPDF
ChinaJunfeng LiuPDF
SpainIgnacio Lopez MorenoPDF
FranceIsabella ZinPDF
ChileJames McPheePDF
Canadian Rockies Hydrological ObservatoryJohn PomeroyPDF
Lake O’Hara, BC and related studiesMasaki HayashiPDF
Haig Glacier, AB and related studiesShawn MarshallPDF
Cariboo Mountains, BC and related studiesStephen DeryPDF
Discussion – Recommendations for common measurement strategies, collaboration, and archiving and accessing datasets
Rapporteur's Notes - PDF
Groundwater, Snow, Glaciers and Hydrology
The role of groundwater in alpine hydrologyMasaki HayashiPDF
The role of glaciers in alpine hydrologyGeorg KaserPDF
The role of snow in alpine hydrologyMatthias BernhardtPDF
Integrating alpine hydrology into river basin hydrologyJames McPheePDF
Discussion – Persistent scientific uncertainties, recommendations to address improvements
Rapporteur's Notes - PDF
Developing, Intercomparing and Downscaling Models
Advances in snow modelling in SwitzerlandTobias JonasPDF
Snow model intercomparisonsRichard EsseryPDF
Downscaling atmospheric modelsEthan GutmannPDF
Validating the Airborne Snow ObservatoryMcKenzie SkilesPDF
Discussion – Testing and improving model physics, downscaling, and parameterisations
Rapporteur's Notes - PDF
Modelling Changing Mountain Hydrology and Climate
Cold Regions Hydrological Model - background and modelled alpine snow and hydrological change in North America John Pomeroy, Xing Fang, Kabir Rasouli, Danny MarksPDF
Snow and glacier change modelling in the French AlpsIsabella ZinPDF
Snow change modelling by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)Ignacio Lopez MorenoPDF
Glacier change modelling in CanadaShawn MarshallPDF
Mountain snow and hydrological change modellingStephen DeryPDF
Snow and glacier change modelling in the Chilean AndesJames McPheePDF
Glacier change modelling in the tropicsGeorg KaserPDF
Discussion – Common numerical experiments to assess the climate sensitivity of alpine snow and ice hydrology regimes around the world - synthesis project and paper
Rapporteur's Notes - PDF
Discussion – Network structure, function and future activities
Wrap-up – Closing comments, Workshop 'statement'