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2nd ANNUAL INARCH Workshop - French Alps
Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l'Environnement
University of Grenoble, Grenoble, France: October 17-19 2016

The second INARCH workshop was held in the Lliboutry Conference Room at the Laboratoire de Glaciologie et de Géophysique de l'Environnement (LGGE), on the campus of the University of Grenoble.

The workshop provided an opportunity for scientists to explore and discuss specific issues in mountain snow and ice hydrology highlighted in the inaugural INARCH workshop in Kananaskis in October 2015.

The following INARCH participants kindly formed the Local Organising Committee:
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Three main topics were covered by the workshop:

56 scientists participated in the workshop, and 36 were able to attend the field excursion.

The full programme, together with abstracts and presentations (where available), is shown here:

Welcome and Introduction 
Welcome by OSUGMichel Dietrich
Opening talk on INARCH objectives, progress and special Issue in ESSDJohn Pomeroy, Vincent Vionnet
Session 1: Meteorological Downscaling for snow and ice hydrology 1Chair: Ethan Gutmann
Postprocessing NWP model output for the needs of snow hydrological modelling
Abstract -- Presentation (3.8 Mb PPTX)
Tobias Jonas
Using kilometric-resolution meteorological forecasts and satellite-derived incoming radiations for snowpack modelling in complex terrain
Abstract -- Presentation (2.5 Mb PDF)
Louis Quéno
Evaluating a dynamic-mesh hydrology model driven by GEM forecasts over the Canadian Rockies
Abstract -- Presentation (3.8 Mb PDF)
Nic Wayand
Session 2: Meteorological Downscaling for snow and ice hydrology 2Chair: Francesca Pellicciotti
Convection-Resolving Climate Change Simulations: Short-Term Precipitation Extremes in a Changing Climate
Abstract -- Presentation (13.5 Mb PDF)
Nikolina Ban
Uncertainties in the Alpine Climate Signal due to Internal Variability and Downscaling Method Choices
Presentation (108 Mb PPTX)
Ethan Gutmann
Downscaling of regional climate model outputs to drive a hydrological model in alpine research basins: Intercomparison of snow hydrology and impacts of climate change along a North American transect from Yukon to Idaho
Presentation (25.3 Mb PPTX)
John Pomeroy
Spatial and temporal downscaling of RCM data for Alpine sites
Abstract -- Presentation (21.4 Mb PPTX)
Kristian Förster
Projections of meteorological and snow conditions at Col de Porte (French Alps) using downscaled and adjusted EURO-CORDEX climate projections
Abstract -- Presentation (3.4 Mb PDF)
Deborah Verfaillie
Session 3: Modelling the cryospheric and hydrological response of mountain catchments under present and future climateChair: Matthieu Lafaysse
RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 runoff regime changes in a regional glacierized catchment in the Austrian Alps
Abstract -- Presentation (14.3 Mb PPTX)
Ulrich Strasser
Modelling efforts to assess changes in hydrology and sustainability of water uses in Alpine context
Abstract -- Presentation (10.5 Mb PPTX)
Isabelle Gouttevin
Evaluation of distributed snowpack simulation with in-situ and remote sensing information in Arve upper catchment
Abstract -- Presentation (4.4 Mb PDF)
Jesus Revuelto
Spatial characterization of the snowpack pattern with landscape-based discretization for hydrologic modeling of the snow-dominated Morales River Basin, in the semi-arid Andes of central Chile
Abstract -- Presentation (10.8 Mb PPTX)
Yohann Videla Giering
Present and future runoff from a Central Himalayan watershed: the importance of monitoring strategies in the Langtang catchment and of the integration of ground data and remote sensing into a glacio-hydrological model
Abstract -- Presentation (1.7 Mb PDF)
Francesca Pellicciotti
Exploring the climate and hydrology of the Upper Indus Basin using the High Asia Refined Analysis
Abstract -- Presentation (3.6 Mb PPTX)
David Pritchard
Session 4: Mountain observatories 1Chair: Isabelle Gouttevin
Multiphysical ensemble snowpack simulations at Col de Porte site (French Alps)
Abstract -- Presentation (16 Mb ODP)
Matthieu Lafaysse
Mountain reference sites in ESM-SnowMIP
Abstract -- Presentation (3.1 Mb PPTX)
Richard Essery
NASA's Airborne Snow Observatory; Opportunities for Model Validation
Abstract -- Presentation (112 Mb PPTX)
Mckenzie Skiles
Discussion on methods of atmospheric downscaling in complex terrain 
Session 5: Mountain Observatories 2Chair: Mckenzie Skiles
Radiative properties of clouds over a tropical Bolivian glacier: seasonal variations and relationship with regional atmospheric circulation
Presentation (13.6 Mb PPTX)
Jean Emmanuel Sicart
Determination of land surface heat fluxes and evapotranspiration (ET) over heterogeneous landscape of the Third Pole region (Tibetan Plateau and nearby surrounding region)
Abstract -- Presentation(27.4 Mb PDF)
Yaoming Ma
On the critical need for mountain observatories to monitor and detect amplified climate change in British Columbia’s Mountains
Abstract -- Presentation (4.9 Mb PDF)
Aseem Raj Sharma
Variability of snow depth, snow water equivalent, and snow density in Mount-Lebanon between 2014 and 2016
Abstract -- Presentation (3.5 Mb PDF)
Abbas Fayad
Monitoring and modeling of cold region hydrological process in a high mountain river basin in the upstream area of the Heihe River Basin of China
Abstract -- Presentation (15.6 Mb PDF)
Zhen Zhang
Quantifying the spatial summer precipitation variability in a highly glacierized catchment: the case study of the Arve catchment (Chamonix) in the French Alps
Abstract -- Presentation (1 - 24.2 Mb PPTX) -- Presentation (2 - 1.2 Mb MOV)
Thomas Condom
Session 6: Links between INARCH and other research programmesChair: Florence Naaim Bouvet
INARCH, GNOMO, GEO-GNOME and MRI: relationships between observatory networks
Abstract -- Presentation (22.9 Mb PPTX)
Greg Greenwood
INARCH and the Global Water Futures (GWF) Programme: Common Interests in Cold Regions Mountains and Next Steps
Presentation (23.5 Mb PPTX)
John Pomeroy
Discussion on INARCH and GWF 
Transforming Science into Practice: Developing Synergies and Knowledge through UNESCO-IHP
Presentation (2.9 Mb PDF)
Anil Mishra
Session 7: Mountain Observatories 3Chair: Tobias Jonas
A Distributed and Real-Time Wireless Network of Weather Stations for Wind Blown Snow at Finse, Norway
Abstract -- Presentation (14.5 Mb ODP)
Simon Filhol
Observations and modeling of snowpack/atmosphere interactions at Col du Lac Blanc (French Alps)
Abstract --  Presentation (1 - 65.6 Mb PPTX) --  Presentation (2 - 33.7 Mb WMV) --  Presentation (3 - 6.9 Mb WMV) --  Presentation (4 - 9.5 Mb WMV)
Florence Naaim Bouvet
TLS observations of the cryosphere in the Central Pyrenees: data acquisition and research applications
Abstract -- Presentation (5.6 Mb PDF)
Jesus Revuelto
Construction of a permanent TLS station at Hintereisferner
Presentation (4.1 Mb PDF)
Georg Kaser
The role of Senator Beck Basin Study Area and Grand Mesa Study Plot, CO, USA in Year 1 of NASA's SnowEx Campaign
Abstract -- Presentation (101 Mb PPTX)
Mckenzie Skiles
A multi-scale observation dataset of the snow cover in the Pyrenees
Abstract -- Presentation (4 Mb PDF)
Simon Gascoin
Session 8: SynthesisChair: Georg Kaser
Discussion on mountain observatories and INARCH special Issue in ESSD 
Developing Synergies at Global Level - Global Cryosphere Watch
Presentation (3.1 Mb PPTX)
Rodica Nitu
Hot & Bothered: Advancing Public Policy in a Warming World
Abstract -- Presentation (4.2 Mb PPTX)
Robert Sandford
Day 3 - Wednesday 19th October
Field trip to Chamonix
The trip comprised a visit to research sites in the Aiguille du Midi (3842m), near Chamonix. Christian Vincent (LGGE) described the scientific activities of the GLACIOCLIM Observing System, and Thomas Condom (LTHE) the experimental rain gauge network and related scientific activities.
After some time to enjoy views of the Mont Blanc and Aiguilles Rouges massifs, the group moved on to Le Tour. There they saw the hydrometric station, and heard about snow measurement techniques and hydrological issues in the Alps (Vincent Vionnet, Samuel Morin and Isabella Zin).
At the confluence of the Arve and Arveyron d'Argentière, they were shown flood defences (Isabella Zin), saw the sediment transport station at Pont des Favrands, and heard about water quality issues (Thomas Condom).


The simulation of longwave radiation onto snow beneath boreal forest canopies
Abstract -- Poster (1.5 Mb PDF)
Markus Todt
Modeling water available for hydro-power production in a mountain catchment: results and challenges
Abstract -- Poster (3.2 Mb PDF)
Paolo Pogliotti
Deriving incoming shortwave and longwave radiations from temperature and remote sensing cloud cover data in mountainous areas
Abstract -- Poster (9.6 Mb PDF)
Philippe Riboust
Influence of meteorological forcing data on the hydrological modelling of a high altitude glaciated catchment (Dudh Koshi, Nepalese Himalaya)
Poster (2.2 Mb PDF)
Louise Mimeau
Contribution of high resolution remote sensing data to modelling of the snow cover in the Atlas Mountains
Abstract -- Poster (5.6 Mb PDF)
Wassim Baba
Physically-based modelling of ice cliff melt on a debris-covered glacier, Nepalese Himalayas
Abstract -- Poster (1.8 Mb PDF)
Pascal Buri
MeteoIO: A Pre-Processing Library for Numerical Models
Abstract -- Poster (5.1 Mb PDF)
Mathias Bavay
Calibrating large scale satellite information on basis of data achieved in research catchments: A case study on basis of the NDSI threshold value.
Abstract -- Poster (0.4 Mb PDF)
Matthias Bernhardt