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4th ANNUAL INARCH Workshop -
Santiago and Andes, Chile: 24-26 October 2018

24 scientists participated in the fourth INARCH workshop, organized under the leadership of Prof. James McPhee of the Universidad de Chile, Santiago. The workshop was split between the joint ANDEX - GHP - INARCH meeting in Santiago (24 October), and (from 25th - 26th October) the Hotel Portillo, at 2880 m.a.s.l. in the Andes, ~160 km north-east of Santiago

INARCH 4th Annual workshop participants standing along the shore of Laguna del Inca at Portillo, Chile.
From left to right: Luis Marcoleta, Shelley MacDonell, Mariano Masiokas, Pablo Mendoza, Jesús Revuelto, Nicole Schaefer, Juan Rivera, Enrique Muñoz, Yohann Videla, Sebastian Crespo, Thomas Shaw, John Pomeroy, Ethan Gutmann, Sebastian Krogh, Chris DeBeer, James McPhee, Thomas Painter, Roy Rasmussen, Ignacio López Moreno, Sean Carey. Missing: Rafael Pimentel, Robert Sandford, Gino Cassasa, Ezequiel Toum.

More photos from the INARCH 4th Annual Meeting are available for viewing here.