Program Overview


Based on the leadership and guidance of the College of Education Beadwork Committee, and on the desire to create an effective professional learning experience for staff and faculty at the University of Saskatchewan, the following principles have been adopted to guide development and implementation of the program:  

  • Self-Motivating
  • Holistic
  • Reflective
  • Relational
  • Participatory
  • Collaborative
  • Experiential
  • Social

Common Themes

The following themes will be reflected or explored in all of the gatherings:

  • Colonization and decolonization – examining the roots and effects of colonization on land and Indigenous peoples and developing fluency with decolonizing practices (e.g., privileging Indigenous knowledge, anti-racism)
  • Personal and professional identity – providing opportunities for personal and professional growth by encouraging self-awareness and reflection on the relevance of programming to one’s values, attitudes, actions, and professional responsibilities;
  • Individual and systemic change – transforming our knowing, seeing, doing and being to effect systemic change in public institutions—to work toward equity and justice for Indigenous people, other marginalized communities, and the natural world;
  • Diversity and commonality – exploring a human story of survival and search for purpose and meaning in our lives that is both specific to individual groups and universal to the human experience.
  • Local and global – viewing our actions in relationship to our local communities, our nation states and global community to restore balance in our relationships to each other and the natural world.

Elements of the Program

Programming offered to staff and faculty will include a central program and extended learning opportunities such as, Elder gatherings, programming based on staff/faculty interests and requests, participation/partnerships in community based forums, informal talking circles and a national conference. The central program will focus on relevant content, pedagogy and resources that create a professional learning environment that is participatory and collaborative.

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