J. W. George Ivany Internationalization Award

The University of Saskatchewan has established the J. W. George Ivany award in 1999 to recognize outstanding contributions by scholars or administrators in furthering the process of internationalization at the University of Saskatchewan.  The award has been named after Dr. J. W. George Ivany during whose tenure of presidency the University formalized its commitment to internationalization and who provided significant personal leadership in fulfillment of this commitment.  The recipient will receive an appropriately inscribed trophy and an award of $1,000, which can be applied toward any activity related to the process of internationalization.  A master plaque listing past recipients of the award will be displayed in a prominent place on campus.  The award will be presented annually at the Fall Convocation.  Award recipients will be expected to give a public presentation on the development of their international initiatives or on the research, scholarly/artistic work undertaken internationally.


All faculty members currently employed on a full or part-time basis, as well as those holding Emeritus status, and current members of the administrative staff are eligible. Additionally, groups and organizations that promote internationalization at the University of Saskatchewan may be recognized with this award.


Students, alumni, faculty, departments, colleges or members of administrative units may make nominations.  Nomination forms are available from the International Office.  Four letters of support garnered both internally (from persons in the employ of the University of Saskatchewan) and externally, must be submitted with the nomination form.  Nominations are to be submitted to the International Office.


Individuals and groups recognized for outstanding contributions toward internationalization will have made major contributions in one or more of the following areas:
   [a] Internationalizing the learning environment or the curriculum
   [b] Enhancing international mobility
   [c] Promoting the academic success of international students
   [d] Strengthening international research and graduate training
   [e] Supporting internationalization through service and outreach.

In order to be nominated for this award, candidates must have undertaken initiatives that go beyond the normal expectations of academic or administrative responsibilities.

Please submit the completed nomination form, along with 4 support letters, to International Office no later than July 31st:


  • Mail:
International Office
Room 136 Peter Mackinnon Building
107 Administration Place, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5A2