Hosting International Visits and Delegations

U.S. Ambassador Visit

The International Office provides the services listed below.

Making arrangements prior a visit

  • Write letters of invitation to support visa applications.
  • Assist with booking accommodation, local transportation, parking, etc. Please note that the University of Saskatchewan does not cover any transportation or accommodation costs.

Planning the visit agenda

  • Develop a schedule for the visit
  • Set up meetings, prepare briefings and biographic information
  • Draw connections between you and the campus community and make suggestions about potential meetings or tours
  • Arrange meetings with senior administration, when appropriate

Services during the visit

  • Welcome visitors to campus
  • Accompany visitors to and from meetings as required
  • Provide translators and/or note takers if needed
  • Facilitate campus tours related to your visit objectives
  • Provide cultural and protocol information
  • Prepare a brief outline highlighting Canadian cultural expectations
  • Develop a list of protocol related to University of Saskatchewan governance

Please note

Meetings, tours and other services are subject to availability of facilities and individuals. Although we try to serve each delegation as best as we can, the services provided are evaluated case by case.

If you are a prospective partner/visitor, and would like to request a visit to University of Saskacthewan, please contact the department/college you are visiting directly, or, complete the visitor request form, and write an email request to our office for general information.