International Graduate Students

Juan Yepez

Juan Yepez is an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur from Ecuador.  After founding a successful engineering firm with an undergrad classmate and running it for eight years, Yepez came to a realization – he needed more knowledge, more academic skills. Fastforward to August 2015: with the help of a SENESCYT Scholarship awarded by the government of Ecuador, Yepez uprooted his life to bolster those skills, embark on a new academic path and make a life for his young family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since arriving, Yepez has had success from all sides. He was welcomed at the airport and helped integrate into Canada by a family he met online.  That family has since become his adopted Canadian family and godparents to his son. His work on pattern recognition has netted him the Russell William Haid Memorial award from the U of S College of Engineering, and an offer to continue to his PhD from his supervisor.

From Ecuador for Engineering Education

Álvaro Espinosa
He travelled 6,388 kilometres from South America to get here, but the journey has been well worth it for Álvaro Espinosa.
The 21-year-old University of Saskatchewan (U of S) student from Ecuador faced an array of adjustments—most notably climate and culture—when he first came to Canada, but eventually found himself at home on campus.

“I had to face some challenges myself and that helped me grow a lot, I think,” said Espinosa, who is from the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, located only 25 kilometres away from the equator. “It’s been a great experience and it has definitely changed me.” Full story...

Upcoming Call for Applications

University of Saskatchewan - Beijing Institute of Technology International Flagship Partnership Research Grants (IFPRG)

The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) will jointly announce a call for applications to support the development of research collaborations between U of S researchers and colleagues at BIT, our Flagship Partner Institution in China. It is expected this funding will enhance the capacity of researchers at the U of S and BIT to jointly pursue and leverage external research funding.

The International Flagship Partnership Research Grants (IFPRG) Program is intended to support:
  1. workshops to initiate / enhance BIT- U of S research collaboration, and
  2. to develop funding proposals for international research involving BIT - U of S groups/consortia.

The IFPRG Program is co-funded by the U of S and BIT on a 1:1 matching basis. The funding will support partnership-building activities, external research grant preparation and submission, and travel related expenses. Proposals should identify and detail proposed international research funding applications as outcomes of the IFRPG grant/collaboration.

The International Office would be pleased to assist in identifying research collaborators and please contact le.li@usask.ca as soon as possible to request match-making assistance.

Application parameters

Application - available soon!