Stroke Research Wins Flagship Partnership Funding Award

The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) awarded the second round of funding from their International Flagship Partnership Research Grant (IFPRG). Dr. Daniel Chen (U of S) and Dr. Duanduan Chen (BIT) will perform a study on stroke and biodegradable stent treatment with the objectives of developing novel biodegradable stents based on a three-dimensional printing technique, developing novel personalized models for the hemodynamics of the stented artery, and developing synchrotron-based imaging technologies to track the success of stent treatment. The project was awarded $20,000 CAD from the U of S and 100,000 RMB from BIT.

International Research Success

Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) “Global Research Collaboration Project”
Gap Soo Chang (Physics and Engineering Physics), one of only two projects selected from Canada, was awarded $118,000 CAD for development of biodegradable organic solar cells based on new eco-friendly metal/cyclolinopeptide biosemiconductors.

China Scholarship Council for a Joint Programme for Innovative Talent Training in Leading-edge Soil and Water Resources
The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU) in China have secured $1.08 million CAD funding to support 18 HQPs including nine PhD students, six visiting PhD students, and three postdoctoral fellows to study and research at the U of S until December 2023. The NWAFU team is led by Dr. Hao Feng, Associate Director, Institute of Soil and Water Conservation & Institute of Dryland Water-Saving Agriculture. The U of S team is led by Dr. Bingcheng Si, Professor of Soil Science in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources.