Campus Climate Survey

Promise and Potential: The Third Integrated Plan  indicated one of the strategic goals of the University of Saskatchewan is to “provide a safe and welcoming environment in attitude, support services and infrastructure” and to “carry out efforts to encourage and support activities that lead to the development of a more diverse and inclusive community.” Based on these strategic goals, and the recognition of an increasingly diverse campus community, it is important for us to determine how “welcoming” the U of S is.

Through the U of S Campus Climate Survey, launched in November 2013, we collected detailed information about how welcomed, supported and respected students feel, to inform future planning and initiatives at the University of Saskatchewan. The results of the survey were released on November 17, 2014.

The next phase of this project will involve meetings with members of the campus community who work directly with students, such as student groups and college/school staff, to get their thoughts and opinions on the results, as well as input on where the university should focus its attention moving forward. The end result will be an implementation plan outlining a series of actions to be taken. It is expected this will be shared with the campus community in the spring.

For more information, contact

Tanya Robertson-Frey
Research Analyst, Institutional Planning and Assessment
University of Saskatchewan