Campus Climate Survey

Promise and Potential: The Third Integrated Plan  indicated one of the strategic goals of the University of Saskatchewan is to “provide a safe and welcoming environment in attitude, support services and infrastructure” and to “carry out efforts to encourage and support activities that lead to the development of a more diverse and inclusive community.” Based on these strategic goals, and the recognition of an increasingly diverse campus community, it is important for us to determine how “welcoming” the U of S is.

Through the U of S Campus Climate Survey, we aim to collect detailed information about how welcomed, supported and respected students feel, to inform future planning and initiatives at the University of Saskatchewan.

U of S students are encouraged to take the Campus Climate Survey and tell us about their experiences. Check your inbox for a link to the survey. As a thank you for completing the survey, you will be entered to win one of 60 prizes valued at up to $1,000.

For more information, contact

Tanya Robertson-Frey
Research Analyst, Institutional Planning and Assessment
University of Saskatchewan