Reviews of Academic and Administrative Units

What is a unit review?

Different types of units can be reviewed for different purposes. At the University of Saskatchewan, unit reviews may be conducted for academic units (e.g. a department or college), administrative units or a cross-campus function like “advising”.

The typical components of a unit review may include:

  • a self-study/internal assessment
  • an external assessment and site visit by national or international peers in the discipline or activity
  • input from stakeholders and partners
  • a final report and recommendations from the external reviewers
  • a response to the report by the leader of the unit undergoing the review (typically a college dean and program head)
  • an implementation plan including actions and monitoring

Current Unit Reviews


College of Dentistry

Human Resources (completed)

For questions related to this review, please contact Susan Bertolo

Information Technology Services

Undergraduate Student Advising

Scheduled for 2010/11

  • College of Graduate Studies and Research