Reviews of Academic and Administrative Units

What is a unit review?

Different types of units can be reviewed for different purposes. At the University of Saskatchewan, unit reviews may be conducted for academic units (e.g. a department or college), administrative units or a cross-campus function like “advising”.

The typical components of a unit review may include:

  • a self-study/internal assessment
  • an external assessment and site visit by national or international peers in the discipline or activity
  • input from stakeholders and partners
  • a final report and recommendations from the external reviewers
  • a response to the report by the leader of the unit undergoing the review (typically a college dean and program head)
  • an implementation plan including actions and monitoring

Recently completed unit reviews

College of Dentistry (2010)

Human Resources (2010)

Information Technology Services (2010)

Undergraduate Student Advising (2010)