Accessibility and Affordability Report 2011

This report is the first in a series of reports which are anticipated over the coming years and is primarily for internal use at the University of Saskatchewan. This report examines recent research on barriers to accessing post-secondary education; recent trends in the cost of higher education; student opinion and feedback; and public perceptions.

The Take-Home Messages:

Even though tuition and other education-related expenses continue to rise, the overall cost incurred by the average student remains relatively unchanged due to increased tax credits, scholarships, bursaries, and other government initiatives. While the average level of debt at graduation has increased over time as has the number of students graduating with debt, most graduates attain gainful employment and accomplish repayment smoothly. Post-secondary education attendance is strongly correlated to whether a person's parents have themselves obtained a diploma or degree. While the financial-aid system is an important part of accessibility, we must also focus on the 10-15 year olds who demonstrate an academic aptitude and who do not come from a culture of post-secondary education.

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