Survey Guidelines Package

This document is intended to outline the importance of coordinating all large-scale surveys being conducted on campus. The purpose of the guidelines is to maximize the quality and effectiveness of all University of Saskatchewan surveys and minimize duplication of effort as well as participant fatigue.

Survey Guidelines pdf document

Survey Schedules

These documents contain a list of major institution-wide surveys that the IPA plans to conduct, as well as the compiled information from colleges and units about surveys planned for the 2010-11 academic year, respectively. Survey schedules are based on information received to date and will be updated periodically.

IPA survey schedule PDFpdf document
Colleges/units survey schedule PDF pdf document

Survey Project Coordination Form

If you or your college/unit is planning to conduct a survey project in the next year, please complete this form. The information you provide will allow us to continue to develop and publicize a complete schedule of major surveys (as seen above) to be conducted at the University of Saskatchewan for each academic year.

Survey Project Coordination Form pdf document