Review of the Sustaining Capital Grant Begins

The Government of Saskatchewan, in addition to the annual operating grant, provides the university with a capital grant called the Sustaining Capital Grant (SCG) to address the university’s highest priority capital renewal and deferred maintenance needs for buildings, strategic priorities, information and communications technology, multimedia technology and equipment. The university currently allocates the SCG to eight capital programs which address different priority areas.  In response to changing teaching, learning and research requirements over the last 20 years, the university increased the number of SCG capital programs receiving funding and adapted individual SCG capital programs.

As noted in the 2012-13 annual capital plan, the provost and the Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) asked for a comprehensive review of the SCG capital programs to assess whether the allocation of funding from the SCG is meeting the strategic priorities of the university.  The comprehensive review will be undertaken by a review committee with membership from the Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning Advisory Committee (2), Deans’ Council (2), and the Planning and Priorities Committee of Council (2). The review committee will be supported by Institutional Planning and Assessment. The intent is to complete this review within the academic year.

Additional information on the SCG and its programs can be found in the Multi-Year Capital Plan and the Annual Capital Plan at