Enrolment Action Plan

The Enrolment Action Plan is a strategic document designed to address current and future enrolment challenges and opportunities at the University of Saskatchewan. It is informed by the university’s second integrated plan, strategic directions and foundational documents and takes into account external factors that influence enrolment. The Enrolment Action Plan will help the university make progress towards its enrolment goals in a strategic and coordinated way, through a set of 12 individual projects each focused on a key area as well as several supporting projects. Detailed descriptions of each project are below.

Please direct questions to Kyla Shea, Strategic Planning and Projects Officer (kyla.shea@usask.ca)

Full Document

Enrolment Action Plan (April 2009) pdf document

Enrolment Action Plan Projects
  1. Off-campus and Distributive Learning pdf document
  2. Experiential Learning pdf document
  3. Institutional Positioning pdf document
  4. Undergraduate (Canadian and International) Recruitment Strategies pdf document
  5. Admissions & Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures for Undergraduate Direct-Entry Programs pdf document
  6. Transfer Articulation Agreements pdf document
  7. Student Financial Aid Strategies and Priorities pdf document
  8. Learning Communities pdf document
  9. Undergraduate Student Advising pdf document
  10. Student Services
  11. Program Innovation
  12. Housing Policies
Supporting Projects

Summary of five supporting projects pdf document