4 Instructors

Instructors, do you

  • expect your students to produce documents such as a thesis, a poster, or a pamphlet?
  • assume they know how to create a pivot table or work with various spreadsheet functions including producing charts/graphs?
  • know where to direct students if they are having trouble?

We help instructors by helping your students and this is how...

  • assessment of student IT skills
  • broad range of software workshops (posters, e-file management, Excel charting...)
  • compressed and extended workshops (50 min. - 3 hrs)
  • one-on-one help available to address immediate needs
  • in-class instruction for your students, taught by training services staff
  • customized instruction for your students, outside of classtime
  • presentation by Tech Help for Students / Training Services for large groups on various software topics
  • web-hosted resources

Tech Help for Students takes bookings during the school year. Please contact us if you would like an in-class presentation or a workshop for your students.

Phone: 306-966-1194
Email: it4u@usask.ca

Assessment of IT Skills

We are currently gathering data on student's perceived and actual IT skills. To find out more, please contact us.