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Students, what do you need help with today?

My Computer

computer My Computer

Buying a new computer? Check out ICT's Hardware and Software information page.

Hardware /Software Issues?
Install the latest virus update; check the security of your system.

My Paper
paper My Paper

Word Processing 101
Okay, you have a paper due tomorrow and need to generate a table of contents, add graphics and provide a properly formatted document. Contact us!

Graphing & Charting

chart Graphing & charting

Excel Help
What type of graph should you make from the data?

How do you create the best chart (table) with a proper title?

Visit the ICT Training Channel on YouTube for information.

My Presentation

presentation My presentation

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezzi
The big presentation is a week away. We can show you how to make PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezzi work for you; a Grade A  knock-your-socks-off presentation.

Check out the Online Training available at  Look for PowerPoint or Keynote as a topic OR try the ICT Training Channel on YouTube.

My Mobile

mobile My mobile

Mobile Apps at U of S
Add some useful apps to your iPhone or iPod Touch or just find out where the mobile sites exist on the web.

Graphics & Media

graphic Graphics & media

Manipulating images & making movies
Think all those images of models in magazines are real? Think again then find out how to enhance your photos. Make a movie and burn to a DVD in a jiffy.
Check out the iLife tutorials from to get you started if you are a Mac user. Adobe TV is a great resource if you use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. If you use Windows, check out Photos & Videos.

printer Printing

Printing & Saving Trees
Learn how to print a PowerPoint presentation, and save paper at the same time.


pdf PDFs

Tell me more about PDFs.
Check out the Adobe Acrobat information on Adobe TV.

Favorites & Bookmarks

favorites Favorites & bookmarks

Social bookmarking
You have a bazillion bookmarks of the BEST websites. Learn how to get to them from ANYWHERE.

While you are at it, find out how to access ALL your passwords using ONE "keymaster" (yes - ONE) Check this out.

Free Downloads

downloads Free Downloads

Various types of free downloads for your computer. Use VPN to remotely login to your system from elsewhere. Contact the help desk if you need help with installation.

File Storage

file File Storage

Storage of Your Files
Did you know you have online storage available to you here at the U of S?

You can store files, access files and hand-in assignments in U of S Course Tools / BlackBoard.

Google Search Tips

Google Google Search Tips

Google Search Features - find out how to surf the net efficiently and FAST, to find what you need now. Watch a video about Browsers.