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Using Office - Tips & Tricks

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Excel Linking:

  • Linking data from worksheet to worksheet >>>Download PDF Here

Inserting Excel File into Word:

In Word, click on the document where you want to insert the worksheet. Go to the Insert menu and select Object. Choose Create from File and click the Browse button. Navigate to the workbook with the worksheet you want to insert. Click on the file, click Insert and click OK.

In Word 2007 or 2010, click on the document where you want to insert the worksheet. Go to the Insert tab and click Object in the Text group. Go to the Create from File tab and click the Browse button. Navigate to the workbook with the worksheet you want to insert. Click on the file, click Insert and click OK.

You may notice when you are inserting the worksheet that you have a couple of options. Selecting Link to File inserts the contents of the worksheet into your document and creates a hyperlinked shortcut to the worksheet. If you make changes to the worksheet, they will be reflected in the document as well, as long as you still have access to the worksheet.

If you choose Display as Icon, Word inserts a nice little icon instead of the entire worksheet. Simply click on it to open the worksheet.

You can insert worksheets into other Office files, such as a PowerPoint slide or Publisher publication, in the same manner.(taken from

Remember, if you plan to move the file to another location, like another computer, all files must be moved including the linked Excel file. The best thing you can do is to create a folder and store all related files in the same folder, then move this folder.

How to Use the Excel TREND function:

  • Using the Trend function to create a best fit line BETWEEN 2 sets of known data >>>Download Excel File Here

 Online Videos:

Go to YouTube and the ITSTraining channel now

 Charting References from Outside Sources:

Topic Reference
Difference between Scatter and Line Charts MS Office Online
Data Analysis & Graphs Checklist Data Analysis
Creating Charts That Show Trends Using a Scatter Plot to Show Trends
Scatter Plots Stats Canada
Scatter Plots and LIne of Best Fit Scatter Plots - Flash based
Scatter Plots Graphs From
Using Colour in Charting Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts
PowerPoint Posters - Saving as PDF for Printing

Find out how to save the PowerPoint as the proper sized PDF to send to the professional printer. Download step-by-step instructions here.

Learn how to create a research poster using PowerPoint (video)


Word Thesis Preparation

Are you struggling to prepare a thesis containing page numbers on landscape and portrait pages in the same document? Here are some references that may help.

Everything you need to know about Page Numbering in Word 2013


HINTS: Working with a thesis that is almost complete, yet contains problem pages...

Problem 1: Table extending over sev eral pages, must be in landscape view with page numbering on portrait view.

Solution 1:

  1. Split the table into logical sections
  2. Select EACH section, one at a time, and cut.
  3. Create and click in a blank portrait page in the desired document
  4. Select Edit | paste special as a PDF. This can be rotated and resized without losing quality.
  5. Page numbers will continue onto these pages as with previous. Insert page numbers as you normally would.

Problem 2: Same page number on several pages in the document.

Solution 2: Working backword from last page of repeating numbering, ensure that the selection "Same as Previous" on the footer edit screen is NOT selected. This will have to be done on each page where the page numbering was repeated.

Problem 3: Landscape pages in a portrait document must contain portrait page numbering.

Solution 3:

  1. On the landscape pages, turn off page numbering.
  2. Insert a textbox onto the side of the page where numbering should appear.
  3. Move this text box into the correct position as necessary.
  4. Change text direction.
  5. Insert a page number into that text box (it should pick up the correct numbering from the previous page).
  6. Ensure that Same asPrevious for footer is turned off or NOT selected.

Word Problem - A document contains text which will not remain with the other text on the page, and automatically starts a new page.

Solution1 - The reason text in the middle of a document suddenly breaks to a new page could be the result of a style which has been applied and requires a new page to start the style.

Steps to fix (easiest if you have the show non-printing characters turned on... ¶ ):

  1. Select all text where the style has been applied (you will see black dots resembling bullets in the left margin indicating a style has been applied)
  2. Under styles, choose Clear Formatting .
  3. The page separation should disappear and the previously styled text should now appear on the same page as any other text.


Office for the Mac
How to Videos - Video Jug (External Website)
Video Jug hosts many informational videos on technology. This is an external website and we do NOT control the content, but you may find information here that you need, right now, like how to import video in iMovie, or how to buy the best computer for your needs.

SPSS online tutorials: and search for SPSS

ICT - Student Computing Guide


Your Responsibilities-This section outlines University policy on acceptable computer use, email policies and provides a link to the academic honesty website.
Your NSID - Your Network Services ID (NSID) username and password are your IT identity and key to U of S services and resources (e.g. computer labs, wireless network, e-mail account, etc.)
My IT Services (MITS) - MITS allows you to manage several aspects of your ITS-managed services. You can change your NSID password, set secret questions to reset your password if you forget it and manage various settings for your e-mail.
Anti-virus Software – Sophos - The U of S has negotiated a site license for Sophos anti-virus software. This software is available free of charge to you for as long as you are a student. You must have anti-virus software on your laptop in order to connect to the University network.
Training - Students have access to a variety of training options such as free online courses, instructor led courses, online tutorials and some fee for service courses.
Help - Help is available for your student computing needs at college ICT desks, ICT Central Service Desk and,


Buying a computer-Contact the Campus Computer Store for all your computing needs.
Computer Labs - There are numerous labs available on campus for students.  Find out where they are located and when they are available.
Library Laptop Loaning – Don’t own a laptop you can borrow one form the library for up to six hours.
Computers for students with disabilities- Adaptive technology equipment is available for students with visual impairments and learning disabilities.
Off –Campus Access High-speed Internet service in Saskatoon at student pricing.
Wireless connect to e-mail, PAWS, shared folders, printers or the Web on your laptop or mobile device most places on Campus.
Public Access Kiosks- Use kiosks to quickly access PAWS, check your e-mail, or connect to any legitimate website. They are designed for convenience and short access.


Paws Campus Portal - PAWS (Personalized Access to Web Services) is your gateway to student services, records, and information customized to meet your needs.
Student E-mail – – All current students receive a e-mail account that can be accessed through Paws.
File Storage Service - Cabinet provides secure and backed-up file storage services to U of S students. You can access your files from home or on campus. Add the My Files channel within PAWS for quick access to this storage while within PAWS.
Printing - CPAS - Campus Print Administration Service (CPAS) account to print on a university printer.
Calendar The PAWS Calendar is a web-based calendar provided free to U of S students. It enables you to access and manage your daily, weekly and monthly schedules and coordinate events with others at the U of S anywhere, anytime
Personal Webpage - All students receive space for individual webpages during their  academic career at the U of S.
Software Downloads - Software is available from a variety of locations for downloading. This software is free for registered students. Students also qualify for special discounted pricing on some commercial software through the Campus Computer store.
Computer & Printer Repair - ICT provides A+ Certified computer and printer repair work for U of S students, Instructors, researchers and employees as well as warranty repair on authorized manufactures to the general public. Contact the Service Desk for more information. This program may change without notice.

 Student Resources
The following colleges and departments have IT help information on their websites:


ICT Services on Campus

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) provides a variety of important services that are used daily by instructors, students, researchers and employees in all colleges, departments and administrative units. ICT Support and Tech Help are a part of ICT.

ICT Support
The ICT Service Desk provides both in-person and phone support for a variety of ICT services including, but not limited to e-mailNetwork Services ID (NSID)Wireless NetworkPAWS Mailing ListsAnti-virus softwarePrinting and more.  or email

Training Services
Training Services offers effective and up-to-date technology training solutions for the entire campus community. The instructor led courses include beginner to advanced courses in Microsoft Office Applications and Adobe Software Applications as well as courses on how to build a Wiki. Check out the link to see all of the upcoming classes offered.

ICT Online Library  
The Training Library (a channel in PAWS) uses, a site that offers professionally produced Windows- and Macintosh-compatible QuickTime videos for those interested in self directed software training.

Got a new iPod Touch or iPhone? Try out the U of S iPod/iPhone App, a special tool that gives you access to class information, library catalogues, campus maps and more!

Campus Computer Store
Hardware, software, phones and accessories the Campus Computer Store has it all.

U of S Resources - Library, Study Skills, Disability Services

A must have link for all students. It provides 24-hour access to all online library services including the Catalogue, databases, other library collections databases, student account information and more. This link can also be found as a tab in Paws.

Student Learning Services
The Student Learning Services offers students help in writing, mathematics and statistics, learning strategies, and support in selected introductory courses that are considered especially challenging. It is located on the 1st floor of the Murray Building.

Study Skills Resources 
Students often struggle to maintain their expected level of academic performance. To succeed at university, you need to become an independent learner by identifying important information, setting study goals, creating a study schedule, testing your knowledge and monitoring your progress. Information is available on our website to help with writing, reading, time management, exam writing and note taking skills.

Assistive Technologies Program
The Assistive Technology Program (AT Program) is intended to provide students with disabilities access to a variety of enhanced technology needed to achieve academic success. Students registered with the DSS are able to receive services through the AT Program either on an ongoing, or on an as need basis.

Student Central
Provides information on every aspect of a student’s University experience. Consists of links for academic life, health and wellness, money matters, campus life, support and services and more.

Student Union (USSU)
The Students’ Union represents student concerns to the University, city, provincial and federal governments.  All students are members and are entitled to the Student Union’s services. A few of those services include the health and dental plans, safewalk, student crew, U-Pass and the housing registry. Check out their link to see a complete list of links.

Student Employment and Career
This centre offers help in all areas necessary to prepare students for employment. Learn how to build a resume or CV, prepare for an interview, search and apply for jobs, internships or practical experience or just get career advice.

Student Enrolment Services Division (SESD)
(SESD) is an exciting new division at the University of Saskatchewan, combining the previous functions of the Office of the Registrar and Student Affairs & Services, SESD focuses on providing developmental and support services and programs to students and the University community. Go to this link for academic services, financial assistance and student support.

Aboriginal Students' Centre (ASC) 
The ASC supports Aboriginal students by providing programs and services designed to increase their retention and success rates at the U of S, using a holistic approach that promotes spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being. The ASC can be a cultural meeting place, a helpful resource or just a place to share your university experience with other Aboriginal students.

It’s not just a source for books! You can get your stationary, art and lab supplies as well as clothing and gifts here. You can now buy your textbooks online. Use the Bookstore 101 link to learn how to find your books.

Physical Activity Complex (PAC) and Campus Recreation
The PAC contains five classrooms, a lecture theatre and state-of-the-art laboratories, pool, rock climbing wall, racquetball and squash courts and of course a state-of-the-art gym. Check out this link to find out about all the programs offered.

Campus Clubs
Are you interested in the arts or athletics? Perhaps you would like to join a language and linguistics club. Maybe you want to start your own study group on Campus – you can do this in Paws

Do you know where you can park for free during final exams? What about the parking lottery? Do you know where to pay for a ticket?

International and Exchange Student Office  (ISO)
The International Student Office (ISO) provides support to international students and their families through services, programs and activities. The ISO can help you improve your English, meet new people and help you with housing and banking matters. They can also advise you on work/study permits, health card issues and provide help for income taxes and/or GST claims.

Kahn University - Educational Resources

Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything—for free. Over 2,100 educational videos. Lots of algebra, math and science videos.

Kahn University for FREE - Training Videos