Students: Get Started

U of S Course Tools / Blackboard  is a virtual learning environment and course management system. 

If you are new to U of S Course Tools: 

  • Enroll Yourself in the Introduction to BBLearn for Students, a self-directed course on how to use the U of S Course Tools.
  • No marks are recorded, no record of your attempts is kept, and there is no reason for you not to try out the system. Once you have self enrolled in this course it is always available on your My Courses page in the Other Courses / Organizations Module.

Personalize Your Account

Learn ways to personalize and customize the system to suit your needs.

Use the Global Navigation Tool to:

  • add an avatar image to your account and customize your personal information.
  • protect your personal information and configure privacy settings. 
  • configure notification settings so that you choose the way in which you are notified when events happen in your course, like when new assignments are due, or when new marks are released by the instructor.

Top 10 overall list of the most common tasks you will do:

Task How to
1. View course content - information on computer Menu Left Side > Course Materials (as organized by your instructor)
2. View course content - information on Mobile Download BBLearn App >> Search for University of Saskatchewan
3. Download file attachments Select item >> Download to location is specified by the browser you are using
4. Complete assignments online Select the assignment link (as provided by your instructor) and follow the instructions. A text editor and text editing field (area) appears on your screen)
5. Complete assignment and upload file  Read this
6. View grades Access My Grades on the left side menu OR Tools >> My Grades
7. Email instructor Access the Email link on the left side menu OR Tools >> Email
8. Email others in class Access the Email link on the left side menu OR Tools >> Email (emailing others is possible if this feature has been enabled)
9. Participate in a Group Tools >> Groups (if enabled)
10. Take part in a Discussion Tools >> Discussion (if enabled) and Read this

Why don't I see anything in my course?

Your instructor decides what you see in your course. When a course is first created the tools available to students are very limited. Instructors can then add more features to the course as needed. Since all courses on campus are automatically created it is possible that some instructors are not putting any information into the course tools course.

Need help now? Call 306-966-2222 if a local call, 1-800-966-4817 within Canada, or contact us.

Go mobile - there's an app (contact the Service Desk for more info)