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ITS Training Services would like to thank you for using our online training materials. To help us ensure our services are meeting your needs, we would like you to fill out the following evaluation. The evaluation will take approximately 6 minutes to complete. Thank you for your assistance in improving our services.

1. What is your position on campus?

2. How much computing experience (general computer use) do you have?
<6 months
6 months - 1 year
>1 year

3. How much experience have you had with the material covered in the tutorial?
A Lot

4. How effective was the tutorial?

5. How much did you learn about the information and techniques that you expected?
Not Much
A Lot
Please state the goals that the tutorial did not meet.

6. How did you find the pace of the tutorial?
Too Slow
Too Fast

7. How technical was the tutorial?
Not Technical Enough
Too Technical

8. Would you recommend this tutorial to others?

9. Overall, how satisfied were you with the tutorial you viewed?

10. Comments/Suggestions for improvement or new tutorial topics.

11. How did you learn about the tutorial?


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