U of S Web Templates (WCMS)

The WCMS U of S-branded web templates can be used by colleges, departments, administrative units, U of S centres and research groups. See WCMS - Web Content Management Service on the ICT website for more information.

There are a number of different benefits to using the WCMS U of S-branded web templates:

  1. Are free to use by U of S colleges, departments, units, centres, research groups and affiliated organizations.
  2. Include Desktop and Mobile versions for each template option and template element.
  3. Have centrally provided documentation/instructions on how to use the options and manage your site.
  4. Users can select the options that best suit their needs (see template options)
  5. Include free training, provided by the central ICT training unit.
  6. Are centrally maintained and updated so you don't need to worry about paying for maintenance/upkeep.
  7. Include central support so when people leave a department, it is just a matter of training a new person. Many departments already use the WCMS so skills are easily transferable if changing departments.
  8. Provide a consistency experience to people who visit U of S websites.
  9. Contribute to cohesive branding for the U of S, and demonstrate a strong identity affiliation for the U of S.

Steps to creating a U of S website in Cascade

  1. Email cascade_support@usask.ca. If possible please include:
    1. The web address (URL) you would like (or already have). For example: www.usask.ca/yoursitename.
    2. The general purpose of the site.
  2. Become familiar with the following components:
  3. Build your website in the WCMS. See the Getting Started section in the Cascade User Guide