Aquatic Toxicology Research Facility (ATRF)

The Aquatic Toxicology Research Facility laboratory is the first of its kind in Canada and one of only a few similar research resources worldwide. It was specifically designed with areas having different water qualities and temperatures  (6 to 45°C) to perform both static and dynamic toxicological experiments with algae, crustaceans, insects, clams, amphibians or fish as large as 10 kg. Click here for  additional information.

Aquatic Laboratories

The Toxicology Centre as a whole is well equipped to analyze various media (e. g., air, water, sediment, soil, tissue) for organic and inorganic substances/contaminants. Some of the analytical instruments available include the following: AutoSpec S High Resolution gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer, Agilent Quadrupole GC/MS systems and liquid Quadrupole T-o-F Mass Spectrometer, SCIEX ZTriple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS, Quadrupole LC/MS, DIONEX Ion Chromatography systems, HPLC chromatographs, UV/visible spectrophotometers, atomic absorption spectrophotometers (flame and furnace), inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) and ICP-OES (optical emission spectroscopy).

The Toxicology Centre biochemistry and molecular facilities are capable of doing just about any type of biochemistry and molecular work used on the toxicology field.  Within the Toxicology Centre, the Liber Group makes direct use of two modern laboratories (combined area of ~1000 sq. feet).  Instruments housed within these labs (those not listed above) include, a deionized water system, a Barnstead Nanopure Diamond Lab Water System, a Sterilmatic autoclave, a Napco E Series convection oven, several sample refrigerators, an upright freezer, and a Microtox Toxicity Analyzer.

Environmental Chambers

The Toxicology Centre research facilities include five walk-in controlled-environment chambers, four with purified water supplies for conducting both acute and chronic aquatic toxicity tests with several species of freshwater invertebrates, small fish, and algae, and an analytical laboratory for water quality analysis. Two of these chambers are dedicated to the research of the Liber Group.