The following is a snapshot of recent presidential presentations and reports:

April 7, 2017

General Academic Assembly

"We’re at a unique time in the history of post-secondary institutions. We cannot become out of touch—we need to stay connected, to understand the larger needs of the communities we serve: the city, province, country and globe, and to contribute to them. We must practise connectivity."

President Peter Stoicheff

January 30, 2017

The Hill Times

Reconciliation through education much more than access

"More funding to improve access to higher education is crucial to closing the gap. But access without retention is of little benefit. Efforts to support students throughout their university experience and build broader awareness and connections are central to universities’ role in advancing reconciliation." 

President Peter Stoicheff

November 14, 2016

Saskatchewan School Boards Association

"Education is the key to planning a sustainable future -- economically and environmentally. Education is the key to ensuring those values of inclusiveness and diversity and tolerance and compassion endure." 

President Peter Stoicheff

June 2016

Convocation Address

"... although we do not know what the solutions are to the major challenges facing us today, we do know this—that none of them will be solved by a single discipline or a single person, but by many people from many disciplines working together."

President Peter Stoicheff

April 13, 2016

Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

"The success of the U of S and our city and province are intertwined. When the university does well, the business community does well, and when the business community does well, the university does well. For this reason, I intend to strengthen the bridges between our two communities." 

President Peter Stoicheff

April 8, 2016

GAA Presentation

October 24, 2015

President Installation

"One thing I know from our history is that a university is a place where problems can be solved; challenges can be met; where we see the beauty in truth and truth in beauty; that the arts and the sciences, at their highest levels, aspire to the same end; that creativity and innovation in a university are the fires that stoke the engines of change and that the world needs that creativity and innovation desperately today."

President Peter Stoicheff

July 9, 2015

Presidential Announcement

"This is a university whose future rests on its great potential to inquire, to inform, to innovate, and to Indigenize and I am very thankful – I am humbled – to be able to play a role in it. And I am thankful to see how many people are here today, which I know means you want to play a role as well."

Incoming President Peter Stoicheff