Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic Michael Atkinson

Michael Atkinson, PhD, MA, BA is currently serving as the Interim Provost and Vice-President Academic for the University of Saskatchewan.

The provost plays an integral role in the establishment and achievement of the strategic directions and academic priorities of the university; holds primary responsibility for developing and implementing the institutional-level planning initiatives that are essential to the strategic positioning of the University of Saskatchewan; develops and implements a multi-year budget framework that supports the university’s priorities; provides senior leadership on major infrastructure projects; is responsible for the overall supervision of the university’s academic programs, including teaching, research, service, and performance of faculty; assumes a leadership role in the development of academic policy; and liaises and negotiates with government on matters related to academic, planning and budgeting matters.

Michael is a professor in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan campus. He has held a number of academic administrative appointments including Associate Vice President Academic at McMaster University (1995-97) and Provost and Vice President Academic at the University of Saskatchewan (1997-2007). He served as the founding Executive Director of Johnson-Shoyama (2008-2015) and has also held visiting appointments at Duke University, Western University and the Université de Strasbourg. In the early 1990s he served as editor of Governance: An International Journal of Policy and Administration. His academic background is in political science and he has published extensively in that field and in public administration and public policy.  He is a past-President of the Canadian Political Science Association and in 2012 was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s gold medal for achievement in public administration. His research interests include public sector compensation, political ethics and the broad topic of good governance.

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