Audit Services

Audit Services' mission is to provide independent oversight, objective assurance, and consulting services designed to add value and help improve the university's operations, consistent with the strategic directions of the institution. Audit Services accomplishes this by independently identifying risks, evaluating the design and implementation of management's controls, and making recommendations for improvement.

To learn more, please visit the Audit Services website.

Consumer Services Division

Consumer Services is a diverse group that is accountable for the management of essential business units at the University of Saskatchewan, including; Residence, Retail, Parking, Culinary and Printing Services. Our units are inter-connected with many different services and departments on campus and work together with them to support the university's mission and to enhance the student experience.

To learn more, please visit the Consumer Services Division website.

Corporate Administration

The mission of Corporate Administration is to achieve excellence in pursuit of the university’s goals by supporting effective and innovative stewardship of resources, assets, institutional relationships, business opportunities and risk.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Providing professional legal, business, contract, risk and insurance services
  • Fostering a culture of responsible risk management
  • Ensuring business related revenue opportunities are optimized
  • Building and maintaining sound strategic relationships with partners, affiliates and other external entities

To learn more, please visit the Corporate Administration website.

Facilities Management Division

Facilities Management Division (FMD) is a team of over 420 skilled trades personnel, professionals, technologists, and support staff (one of the largest divisions on campus) who care for the current and future needs of the University of Saskatchewan campus.

To learn more, please visit the Facilities Management Division website.

Financial Services Division

The mission of the Financial Services Division is to facilitate and enhance innovative and effective business decisions and the attainment, utilization, and allocation of financial resources for academic, administrative, and research units by providing relevant and responsive financial and administrative services.

To learn more, please visit the Financial Services Division website.

Human Resources Division

The mission of Human Resources is to promote excellence in people by delivering innovative HR programs and strategies to advance the U of S mission through excellent customer service, valued and strategic partnerships, and the highest levels of accountability.

To learn more, please visit the Human Resources Division website.