Our Learning Vision

Our vision sees the University of Saskatchewan as a unique community of learning and discovery, where people can embark on a process of development through which they grow, create, and learn, in a context characterized by diversity—of academic programs, of ways of knowing and learning, and of its members. This diversity provides opportunities for learners to achieve their unique learning goals in ways most relevant to them, in a setting in which learning is seen as a multi- faceted process through which people can learn experientially; independently; in laboratory or clinical settings; through collaboration and teams; through research and inquiry; through debate and engagement with instructors, mentors, and other learners; and through community service.

The University is proud of its sense of place as a public institution with a long history of mutual engagement with the community, but also recognizes that learning is not confined to any particular location, and may take place on campus, in the community, or through distributed learning. Among the learning outcomes we visualize are intellectual growth, clarified values, independence, social responsibility, and the recognition of diversity as an overarching concept that reflects a philosophy of equitable participation and an appreciation of the contributions of all people.

U of S Learning Charter, Richard Long

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