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Conference Schedule CLCC-2009 The 4th Annual Canadian Learning Commons Conference
June 11-13, 2009 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Conference Program - Session Descriptions
CLCC4 U of S Campus Map [pdf]
Last updated: June 1, 2009
  Thursday, June 11
12:30-1:00 Registration Rm. G3 Murray Library
1:00-4:30 Pre-conference Workshop on Marketing of Programs
 Professor Barbara Phillips, Edwards School of Business, U of S

Would you like to plan an event, program, or seminar and ensure that more than just the caterer and your mom attend?  Do you know the two biggest mistakes people make when choosing a target audience?  Would it help to understand the four building blocks of persuasive communications?  Do you need tips on how to be more creative?  Join award-winning professor of Marketing, Dr. Barbara Phillips, as she delves into the world of marketing and integrated communication to address your key problems and concerns.
Rm. 102 Murray Library
4:30-5:30 Wine & Cheese Reception The Faculty Club
  Friday, June 12
8:00-9:00 Registration & Breakfast Rm. G3 Murray Library
9:00-9:15 Welcome Address
Dr. Ernie Barber, Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning, U of S
Neatby Timlin Theatre, 241 Arts
9:15-10:30 Keynote Address
Neatby Timlin Theatre, 241 Arts
10:30-10:45 Nutrition Break Neatby Timlin Theatre, 241 Arts
10:45-11:30 Session: Collaborative Partnerships and the Evolution of the U of S Assistive Technology Program
 Chasity Berast, Disability Services for Students Assistive Technology Coordinator, U of S

This session will discuss the environment of disability services at the University of Saskatchewan, outlining the gaps between accessibility of assistive technology and library services. Collaborative partnerships between various U of S departments, as well as exceptional outside support, are helping to close these gaps through the development of the DSS Assisitive Technology Program and the updated Assisitive Technology Room in the U of S Learning Commons.
Neatby Timlin Theatre, 241 Arts
11:30-1:00 Poster Presentations & Lunch The Murray Learning Commons 
1:00-2:00 Panel Presentation: Community Service-Learning and PAL Peer Mentors
Isaac Bond, Kristen Saxinger, Victoria Rideout - U of S ULC PAL Peer Mentors, U of S

Kristin, Victoria, and Isaac will share their experiences as PAL Peer Mentors working with the U of S University Learning Centre Community Service-Learning (CSL) program. PAL Peer Mentors will discuss how they came to be involved in PAL and CSL before describing and reflecting on their role as student peer mentors within CSL programming. Shannon, who participated in CSL programming as a U of S student, will discuss her participation and what it was like to interact with PAL Peer Mentors. Professor Nancy Van Styvendale will provide a faculty perspective, discussing her role as instructor of the Dynamics of Community Involvement course that had CSL's Alternative Reading Week involvement as part of its curriculum.
Rm. 103 Physics Building
2:00-2:50 Pecha Kucha Session on Learning Technologies
Rm. 103 Physics Building
2:50-3:00 Grab-and-go snack Rm. 103 Physics Building
3:00-3:45 Session: Best Practices from Across the Nation: Academic Support of Aboriginal Students
Angus Sanderson, Aboriginal Student Centre, U of S; Brian Gallagher, Aboriginal Student Activity Centre, SIAST Kelsey Campus; Reta Derksen, Writing Centre, First Nations University of Canada
Rm. 103 Physics Building
3:45-4:45 Tours of Learning Commons spaces on campus
The University of Saskatchewan Learning Commons functions under a distributed model, making various components of the Learning Commons services available at each of its 7 branch libraries.  Join us for some fresh air and exercise while you tour our branch libraries and see first-hand how our distributed LC model is meeting the needs of students across the campus.
The Library Branches
5:00-6:00 Cocktails (cash bar) Marquis Hall
6:00-8:00 Banquet Marquis Hall
  Saturday, June 13
8:00-8:30 Breakfast Rm. 103 Physics Building
8:45-9:30 Roundtable Discussions (Speed Updating) Rm. 103 Physics Building
9:30-10:15 Session: Internationalization of Learning Commons
Stuart von Wolff, Global Commons Liaison Librarian; Derek Tannis, International Student Office Coordinator; Melissa Diehl, Graduate Student, MA History; Gina Koehn, University Learning Centre Program Director for Learning Support, U of S

Internationalization, peer mentoring, social networking, universal design... How can these fit together in the contemporary university Learning Commons? What are some successful approaches and practices that can be used to both support the academic success of international students and make the Learning Commons an experiential, global community of learners, researchers and emerging professionals? This session will delve into the questions through interaction with your colleagues and through reflection upon the successes and challenges of recent, collaborative initiatives at the University of Saskatchewan.
Rm. 103 Physics Building
10:15-10:30 Nutrition Break Rm. 103 Physics Building
10:30-11:30 Session: Learning Communities: Partnership, Mentorship and Collaboration
Erin Delathouwer, University Learning Centre Learning Communities Coordinator, U of S

Partnership, mentorship and collaboration have influenced the ways in which Learning Communities best fit and shape our local U of S climate. This talk will focus on how Learning Communities authenticate the mutual exchange of maximum benefit between diversely experienced people at the U of S.
Rm. 103 Physics Building
11:30-12:00 Wrap-up Rm. 103 Physics Building
12:00-1:00 Boxed lunch & discussion of next year's conference and directions for Canadian Learning Commons Rm. 103 Physics Building

Roundtable, Pecha Kucha and Poster Sessions

Roundtable Session Title:  The John B McNair Learning Commons-Access to Success
Alicia McLaughlin, Scott Chamberlain, and Richard Spacek 
    Research Help Desk Co-ordinator, University of New Brunswick 

Roundtable Session Title:  Opportunity to Build: Designing Learning New Spaces
Kathy Musial
    Learning Commons Coordinator, BC Institute of Technology

Roundtable Session Title:  Working with student staff in your Learning Commons
Nathalie Soini and Julie Mitchell       
    Learning Commons Coordinator; Learning Services Librarian, Queen’s University; UBC

Roundtable Session Title:  Open mic at the Learning Commons
Jim Greer       
    Director, University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Roundtable Session Title: Writing Support in the "Student-Centered" University
Liv Marken
    Writing Help Coordinator, University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Roundtable Session Title: Growing Governance @ the Learning Commons
Jo Ann Murphy and Susan Murphy
    Head, Murray Library (Jo Ann) and
    Acting Head, Health Sciences Library (Susan), University of Saskatchewan

Pecha Kucha Presentation Title:  “Take a Note of This!”
Chloe Corcoran   
    Program Coordinator, Disability Services for Students,  University of Saskatchewan

Pecha Kucha Presentation Title: Making Room(s) for Collaborative Learning
Stefan Jones
    Online Support Coordinator, University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Pecha Kucha Presentation Title: Coursecasting: Opening the traditional classroom to reach remote learners
Jim Greer       
    Director, University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Pecha Kucha Presentation Title: IT4U - Individualized IT Support for Students in the Learning Commons
Bill Wallace       
    Student Computing Program Manager, Information Technology Services (ITS), University of Saskatchewan

Pecha Kucha Presentation Title: Creating a Green Learning Commons
Andrew Wallace       
    Architectural Design Coordinator, Facilities Management Division, University of Saskatchewan

Poster Title: Integrating a Learning Commons into the Family Medicine Resident Research Program
K Kobialka, S McKay, B Coates, VR Ramsden
    University of Saskatchewan

Poster Title: The Head Bone's Connected to the Neck Bone:                
Lessons Learned Teaching at First Nations University of Canada

Reta Derksen
   Writing Centre Tutor/ Indigenous Studies Instructor,  Nations University of Canada

Poster Title: Research and Development of an Online Tutor Training Program
Heather Touet
   Writing Help summer student 2008, University of Saskatchewan

Poster Title: Help with mathematics and statistics in the learning commons
Holly Fraser
   Program Coordinator, Math and Stats Help, University of Saskatchewan

Poster Title:  The Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Partnership (SHIRP): Opening Up Access, Province-Wide!
Virginia Wilson, Christine Neilson and John Yobb   
    Coordinator, Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Partnership (Virginia) and
    SHIRP Outreach Services Librarian (Christine)


Ernie Barber
   Vice-Provost, Teaching & Learning,
   University of Saskatchewan
Dr. Ernie Barber was appointed in an acting capacity as Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning for a two-year term, effective July 1, 2008. He previously served for one year as the Acting Provost and Vice-President Academic. For eight years (1999 to 2007), Dr. Barber provided exemplary leadership to the University of Saskatchewan's College of Agriculture as the Dean. Dr. Barber has taught undergraduate and graduate students and was honoured with a University teaching excellence award, as well as being named "Professor of the Year" by both agriculture and engineering students. He has been honoured with four awards by the Canadian Society for Agricultural Engineering, including being named a Fellow of the Society in 2001.

Chasity Berast
   Student Advisor in the Disability Services Office
   University of Saskatchewan
Chasity Berast, B.A. (Athabasca), is a Student Advisor in the Disability Services for Students office at the University of Saskatchewan where she coordinates the Assistive Technology and Alternate Format Programs. Chasity has expertise in assistive technology allowing her to provide efficient and effective assistive technology assessments for post-secondary student with disabilities.

Erin DeLathouwer
   Program Coordinator, Learning Communities
   University of Saskatchewan
Erin DeLathouwer is the Learning Communities Coordinator at the University Learning Centre, University of Saskatchewan. She holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from York University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the U of S. Her main areas of interest include Epistemology, Pragmatism, the Philosophy of Language, and the Philosophy of Education.

Melissa Diehl
   Graduate Student, MA program in the Department of History
   University of Saskatchewan
Melissa Diehl is currently enrolled in the MA program in the Department of History at the U of S. After enjoying working as a TA for her department for four years she became involved with the ULC as a writing tutor and in the ISO as the Graduate Student Peer Help Facilitator to broaden her experience working with students. She hopes to pursue a career in student affairs.

Brian Gallagher
   Instructor Aboriginal Student Activity Centre
SIAST Kelsey Campus
Brian is an urban Metis person born and raised in Saskatoon. Brian has spent some time in Alberta and northern Saskatchewan. He is the proud father of 2 grown daughters. After working in a number of occupations including sales, labour, construction and manufacturing he returned to school as a SUNTEP student. He was one of the original SUNTEP Saskatoon, students that started in 1980. He is currently employed at SIAST, Kelsey Campus. He has been there for the past 20 years providing support services to staff and students where the goal is to enhance the success of Aboriginal students.

Gina Koehn
   Program Director, Learning Support - University Learning Centre
   University of Saskatchewan
Gina Koehn is the Program Director for Learning Support at the University Learning Centre. As a determined learner and leader, Gina has taught and been involved with learning support at the U of S since 1994. In 1997, Gina joined a motivated team and opened the University Learning Centre. Their challenge is to advance the academic lives of students and learners across the U of S.

Barbara Phillips
   Professor, Edwards School of Business
   University of Saskatchewan
Dr. Barbara Phillips is Rawlco Scholar in Advertising and Professor of Marketing at the University of Saskatchewan, where she teaches Integrated Marketing Communications, Branding, and other marketing courses. Dr. Phillips received her MA and PhD in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin; her undergraduate degree in Marketing is from the University of Manitoba. She has received the “Most Effective Professor” award from the Edwards School of Business and the USSU Teaching Excellence award. 
    Dr. Phillips’ research program focuses on visual images in advertising and their influence on consumer response. She has published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings, such as the Journal of Advertising and Marketing Theory, and has received the “Best Article” award in the Journal of Advertising twice (2002, 2005). In addition, she received the Dunn Award from the University of Illinois in 2004 for “excellence in advertising research.” Dr. Phillips currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, and the Journal of Interactive Advertising; she has received the “Outstanding Reviewer” award at the Journal of Advertising twice (2000, 2004). 

Angus Sanderson
   MSEP/AFYEP Student Advisor, Aboriginal Students' Centre
   University of Saskatchewan
Angus Sanderson, is a Metis from Cumberland House in northern Saskatchewan, he moved to Saskatoon in 1993 with his wife and three children. Angus has been employed with the University of Saskatchewan since 2001. His career began with the U of S in Registration, Admissions and Recruitment. Angus has held the position of first year Student Advisor for the Aboriginal Students' Centre for four years. This position requires him to monitor the overall performance of students enrolled in the Aboriginal First Year Experience Program and the Math and Science Enrichment Program. Angus successfully completed Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and Group Facilitation Skills, the latter of which will be applied to his Certified Adult Continuing Education training scheduled for completion in 2009. Angus also plans to complete his Life Skills Training and Coaching certification in 2009.

Derek Tannis
   Manager of the International Student Office
   University of Saskatchewan
Derek Tannis is the Manager of the International Student Office. He has been working with international students and in international education for 15 years.

Stuart von Wolff
   Global Commons Liaison Librarian
   University of Saskatchewan
Stuart von Wolff is the multilingual liaison librarian for the Global Commons. International students and academic libraries are the focus of his doctoral research.