Speed Scrabble Tournament for Literacy 2014

The Speed Scrabble Tournament for Literacy is jointly organized and presented by the University of Saskatchewan Library and the University of Saskatchewan Library, and will occur on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 from 1:30-3:00 on the ground floor Learning Commons, Murray Library.  All money raised will go directly toward funding literacy programs run by READ Saskatoon and the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association.  

Who are you cheering for? Cheer for literacy by donating to a team by naming who you support in the comments section of the donation form. All money raised goes to support literacy initiatives in the city: 

1) Centennial Collegiate grade 12 students, the Alphabetters; 
2) Sask Party and NDP MLAs, the Masters of the Lightning Anagrams; 
3) City Councillors, the Sivic Spellers; 
4) the Aboriginal Students' Centre, the Scrabboriginals; 
5) the Saskatchewan Student Medical Society, the Vowel Movements; 
6) Frontier College, the Frontier Scrabblers; 
7) U of S Administration, the Scrabble Rousers; 
8) U of S Unions, returning champions the Word Workers; 
9) Saint Thomas More College, the More Words; 
10) Local Authors, the Typographical Errers; 
11) READ Saskatoon, the Schrodinger's Qats; 
12) The Saskatchewan Intercultural Association's ESL Community Teachers, the Missing LINCs.