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NHP Conference Announcement - Call for Papers

Natural Health Products Research Society Conference

The newly formed Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada is
pleased to announce the First Natural Health Product Conference, February
20-22, 2004 in Montreal.  This event is of vital importance to anyone
involved in natural health product (NHP) research or the NHP industry,
marketing, supplies and service.  It comes at a critical time in relation to
new NHP regulations effective in 2004.  The conference will foster
networking and bridge building between the academic, government and industry
communities.  Key presenters include North America's most eminent natural
product scholar - Dr.Norman Farnsworth, world renowned ethnobotanist Dr.
Wade Davis, leading Echinacea expert Dr. Rudy Bauer, the preminent Dr.Edward
Ernst of the United Kingdom, and Dr. Philip Waddington from the Natural
Health Products Directorate. On behalf of the NHP Research Society, I would
like to invite you to submit an abstract for presentation at the conference.
To find out more about the conference and call for papers, please see the
copied information below.


Allison McCutcheon
NHP Research Soceity of Canada


Please contact Erin Skrapek at the Office of Research Services
(erin.skrapek@usask.ca, 966-2362) for Application Form:

Preliminary Call for Papers

First Natural Health Product Conference

February 20 - 22, 2004 in Montreal, Quebec

This is a preliminary call for papers for the inaugural Natural Health
Product Conference, February 20-22 2004 in Montreal, Quebec. Presentations
on any aspect of natural health product (NHP) research from production to
public policy are welcomed.

Key objectives of this conference are to showcase leading edge NHP research,
increase awareness of NHP research capacity and expertise, and to facilitate
the development of new collaborations amongst stakeholders. The conference
program will include sessions on the following topics:

·	Aboriginal Health
·	Cancer
·	Cardiovascular & Respiratory Health
·	Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders
·	Ethnopharmacology & Pharmacognosy
·	Infection and Immunity
·	Neurology & Mental Health
·	Pediatrics and Youth
·	Population Health, Health Services and Policy
·	Product quality and standards
·	Production and processing
·	Research & Regulatory Affairs
·	Women’s and Men’s Health

You are cordially invited to submit abstracts of a contributed paper for
oral or poster presentation. Although the Scientific Program Committee will
attempt to accommodate your preferred method of presentation, the number of
oral presentations will be limited and acceptance will be based upon
scientific merit.

The student poster competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate
students presenting posters on their NHP research. Up to 5 awards will be
made, judged on the basis of a) significance of content, b)
organization/lay-out, and c) effectiveness of presentation.

Please see the following author instructions for details on abstract
submissions. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is October 31,

Author Instructions

Papers on all aspects of NHP research are invited.  Key objectives of this
conference are to increase awareness of NHP research capacity and expertise,
and to facilitate the development of new collaborations amongst
stakeholders. To help achieve these goals and demonstrate the feasibility of
industry partnerships, researchers are requested to include in their
presentation where appropriate, the approximate cost (10n) and time required
for assays/analyses/trials, etc.

To assist the program committee in scheduling your presentation during the
most appropriate session, please select the subject and NHP category that
best describe your presentation and enter these heading codes in the
appropriate spaces on the abstract submission form.

Subject Categories

1.   Product Quality and Standards
2.   NHP/crop Production
3.   Product development/formulation
4.   Primary processing & manufacturing
5.   Aboriginal Health
6.   Cancer
7.   Cardiovascular health
8.   Diabetes/metabolism
9.   Endocrinology/Gastroenterology
10. Ethnopharmacology
11. Health services & policy
12. Infection and Immunity
13. Musculoskeletal
14. Neurobiology and mental health
15. Pediatrics
16. Pharmacology and toxicology
17. Pharmacognosy
18. Population Health
19. Regulatory affairs
20. Women’s and men’s health

NHP Categories

A. All NHPs
B. Herbal Medicines (general/screening)
C. Homeopathics
D. Vitamins
E. Minerals
F. Fats and lipids
G. Probiotics
H. Amino acids and proteins
I.  Specific botanicals:
	i.    Black cohosh
ii.   Echinacea
iii.  Feverfew
iv.  Garlic
v.   Ginkgo
vi.  Ginseng
vii. Grape seed/proanthocyanidins
viii.Green tea
ix.   Kava
x.    Soy isoflavones
xi.   St. John’s wort
xii.  Other

Abstracts: Please use Times Roman 12 pt body text only. Bold the name of the
presenter and reference the authors’ primary institutional affiliations
using superscript numerals. The abstract text should not exceed 250 words
and should be organized under the following headings: Background,
Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Where appropriate, the methods
section should include a description of how the NHP material used in the
study was characterized to ensure reproducible results.

Please save your electronic submission using your last name as the file name
(Eg. “Smith abstract submission”).

Using the subject heading “NHPR abstract submission”, please email your
submission as an attached file to: allison@imag.net

Submission deadline is October 31, 2003.


First Natural Health Product Conference

February 20 – 22, 2004 in Montreal, Quebec

The Natural Health Products Research Society of Canada is pleased to
announce that the First Natural Health Product Conference will be held on
February 20-22, 2004 at the Wyndham Hotel in Montreal Quebec. The
international roster of renowned experts presenting as plenary speakers

Norman Farnsworth  – One of the world’s most eminent natural products
scholars; Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine
in Chicago and Distinguished Professor of Pharmacognosy, University of
Illinois at Chicago.

Wade Davis – World renowned ethnobotanist and National Geographic Explorer
in Residence.

Rudy Bauer – Internationally recognized medicinal plant researcher and
Echinacea phytochemistry expert; Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of
Graz, Austria.

Edzard Ernst – Laing Chair in Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical
School, Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Philip Waddington – Director General, Natural Health Products Directorate
(Health Canada) responsible for the development and implementation of Canada
’s new NHP regulatory framework.

This conference comes at a critical time, as the enactment of the new
Canadian regulatory framework for Natural Health Products (NHPs) on January
1, 2004 will have a significant impact on researchers and other
stakeholders. Research and regulation sessions will include introductory
overviews, implications for researchers and industry, and intensive
workshops on standards of evidence, GMP and GAP.

Plan now to attend this exciting, inaugural event for:

·	Presentations on the leading edge NHP research in the basic, clinical, and
social sciences, and
·	Concise overviews of current knowledge, state of the art techniques, and
future trends.
·	A national showcase of the wide breadth of NHP expertise and research
·	Stimulating the development of new and innovative research collaborations
amongst stakeholders
·	Networking between researchers, industry, and government stakeholders
·	Continuing the ongoing national dialogue on NHP research

In addition to plenary lectures by the world’s leading NHP experts, cutting
edge research sessions, intensive workshops and poster sessions, the
conference will also feature networking receptions, gala dinner,
international trade show and the first annual general meeting of the NHPRSC.

Research topics include: aboriginal health, cardiovascular, cancer,
diabetes, ethnopharmacology, neurology and mental health, pediatrics and
youth, pharmacognosy, production and processing, product quality and
standards, women’s and men’s health.

Who should attend?

·	Basic, clinical & social scientists, graduate students and post-docs
interested in the field of NHP research
·	Individuals and companies interested in the latest cutting edge of
research on NHPs; product quality and standards, production and processing,
product development and formulation, product safety and efficacy
·	Anyone involved in providing NHP research, marketing and regulations,
supplies and services

Conference Registration

Complete details on conference registration and the preliminary program will
be available on the NHPRSC website September 30, 2003 (currently under
construction). Watch your email for further information and conference

Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada (NHPRSC)

This landmark inaugural conference has been organized by the newly formed
Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada (NHPRSC). Founded in 2003,
the NHPRSC is made up of academic, government and industry researchers from
across the country. The mission of the NHPRSC is to:

·	Facilitate, support and promote Natural Health Product (NHP) research and
·	Enable the safe, informed and appropriate use of NHPs that are effective,
non-toxic and of the highest quality

To help protect and promote the health of Canadians, the society’s specific
objectives are to facilitate and support Canadian natural health product
education and research priorities to;

·	ensure the safe and appropriate use of natural health products (NHPs);
·	ensure the efficacy, safety, and high quality of NHPs;
·	facilitate effective NHP knowledge transfer and translation;
·	inform decision-making and evidence-based policy development;
·	foster interdisciplinary NHP research collaborations and networking;
·	build NHP research and education capacity;
·	develop national product quality standards, reference materials and
validated methods;
·	advocate and uphold fair and ethical standards in NHP education and
·	provide representation and a communication forum for the NHP research and
education community;
·	promote the use of high quality, well-characterized and standardized NHPs
in research.

NHPRSC membership is open to all NHP researchers.; associate and corporate
memberships are also available for individuals, associations and companies
with an interest in NHP research.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Allison McCutcheon
NHPRSC President and Conference Program Chair
Ph. 604-222-3488, Fax 604-222-9613
Email allison@imag.net