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T0: Faculty, College of Medicine
From: Louis Qualtiere, Chair of Nomination Committee of Council
Date: April 17 2000
RE: Nominations for College Council Committees for 2000-2001

The Nominations Committee will soon meet to establish the membership of the committees of the College for 2000-2001.

It is essential that faculty take in the planning and decision-making in the College. If faculty do not do this committee work, college decisions will not be made collegially.

If you would like to serve, or nominate a colleague for service on a committee, we need your nominations by May 1 2000. Although there may not currently be a vacancy for either a GAA or Council position on particular committees the nominations committee would like to develop a pool of interested faculty since interim replacements will have to be made. So if you have interest in any of the committees please communicate your wishes to the Nomination Committee.

Please return the attached Committee Nomination form to Larise Skoretz Secretary, Nominations Committee, College of Medicine  B103  Health Sciences Blg.

The following vacancies need to be filled for 2000-2001.

Admissions Committee-4
Budget,Planning and Priorities Committee-1
College Review Committee-2
Gender and Equity Committtee-8
Health Sciences Library-7
Undergraduate Education Committee-4

If you are currently serving on a committee but are unable to complete your term,please let me know.

Thank you

Louis Qualtiere

Below are current positions that are known to be vacant for the 2000-2001 term. The current membership of the committees can be found at the College of Medicine Representative Council Web site under Council Committees. The terms of reference and composition of the various Council committees can be found at the same Web site under By-Laws. Specific questions as to the work load and frequency  of committee meetings would be best directed to the current chair of that committee found at the same Web site.


Admissions Committee                                               Research Committee
A. Chakravarti - Dept. B (Part-time)                                  V. Feyles - Obst. & Gyn.
Q. Nakonechny - Med III
Representative   -  Dept. B
                                                                                             Budget, Planning & Priorities .                                            
                                                                                            B. Clapson - Part-Time Faculty
Undergraduate Education Committee
M. Lyon - Dept. A
J. Bourgeois - Med IV
L. Kalyn - School of Physical Therapy

Health Sciences Library                                         College Review Committee
P. Hull - Faculty                                                           J. Tuchek-Professor Basic science
T. Hurst - Faculty                                                         Representative-Associate,Clinical
A. Reeder - Faculty
E. DeCoteau - Faculty
J. Walters - Med III-
S. Sperber - Graduate Student
A. Overlid - Student - Nursing, Dentistry or Physical Therapy

Gender Issues Committee
S. Card - Clinician - Tenure Track
Representative - Clinician - Tenure Track
Representative - Clinician, Without Term
S. Laferte - Basic Scientist - Tenure Track
Representative - Full-Time Faculty Rep. - Physical Therapy
Representative - Part-Time Faculty Rep.
Representative - Postgraduate Medical Education Student
Representative - Graudate Student, Basic Sciences    04/13/00

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