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Bachelor of Music (Music Education)


A four-year program of studies leading to a Bachelor of Music degree with a specialization for teaching music at either the Secondary or Elementary and Middle Years level as well as preparation in a second teaching area.



I am very happy with the education and experiences I have received in the department and I would encourage all high school students to look into the U of S Music Department seriously and see what it has to offer them.
- Chelsea Marshall, Music Education Student





Students completing this program are automatically accepted into the College of Education's two-year Bachelor of Education program with music as their primary teaching area as well as a second teaching area of their choice. The completion of the B.Ed. degree qualifies candidates to teach in all Canadian school-based systems. There are many music-specialist positions available to teachers who are entering the work force. These combined degree programs also allow for teaching positions that involve part-time music along with other subject specialties and will train students to meet the challenge of a variety of teaching positions in a flexible job market with two separate degrees.

Elementary and Middle-Years students will receive training as a music specialist and as a classroom generalist teacher with a broad array of academic electives and Education courses to fit their educational needs. Both Elementary and Secondary students will develop a second teaching area in any academic field including the Natural and Social Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Art, and Drama.

A particular strength of the Bachelor of Music in Music Education program is the music-specific school-based observation and teaching experience that students receive in their first three years. This is augmented by a school-based teaching experience in their second teaching area followed by an extensive music internship in the final year of the Bachelor of Education degree.

Features of the Bachelor of Music (Music Education) degree program include:
• Four years of Applied Music with weekly one-hour private lessons and recitals in years three and four
• Four years of ensemble experiences
• A full complement of music education courses
• Comprehensive student-teaching experiences in years one through three
• Music electives including music theory, music history, and electronic music
• Instrumental, vocal, and general music methods courses
• Conducting courses
• A wide range of Arts and Science electives
• Upon completion, automatic acceptance into the two-year U of S Bachelor of Education program


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