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The UofS Department of Music offers an 18 credit unit minor in Jazz Studies.

Related courses include Jazz Materials (jazz theory), Jazz Improvisation, Jazz History, Jazz Pedagogy, Jazz Arranging, African Drumming, and Jazz Ensemble.



Course descriptions:

Jazz Ensemble: This 20-piece large jazz ensemble includes participation on the following instruments: drums, bass, guitar, piano, male and female vocals, 5 trumpets, 5 trombonists, 5 saxophones. This ensemble performs traditional and contemporary repertoire, commissions and student compositions. This ensemble has released 5 CDs, has performed throughout western Canada. Audition required, held on first day of classes each semester.

Jazz Materials (MUS 184.3): This course is the prerequisite for Jazz Arranging (MUS 386.3) and Jazz Improvisation (MUS 283.3). It is a suggested co-requisite for Jazz Ensemble. This course introduces students to jazz theory, jazz keyboard skills, jazz ear training, and transcribing skills. Prerequisite: none.

Jazz Improvisation (MUS 283.3): This course focuses on musical skills pertaining to the performance of jazz improvisation. This course assumes little pre-existing knowledge of jazz improvisation, but does presume a significant level of instrumental proficiency. Prerequisite: Jazz Materials (MUSIC 184.3).

Jazz History Survey (MUS 175.3): Formerly MUS 285.3 this course studies the history of jazz from its origins to the present. Chronologically organized, this course examines the musical environment in the southern United States at the turn of the 19th century then proceeds through the musical styles of ragtime, traditional jazz, stride piano, swing, bebop, post bop, cool jazz, west coast jazz, fusion, funk, R & B, and contemporary jazz. Prerequisite: none.

Jazz Pedagogy (EMUS 337.3) Previously entitled Jazz Ensemble Techniques this course explores jazz pedagogy as taught within a secondary school-based music program. This course is an excellent addition to any music educator’s résumé. Prerequisites: Music Theory (MUS 134.3).

Jazz Arranging (MUS 386.3) This course develops student’s jazz composition and arranging skills. Topics include the study of advanced chord/scale relationships, ensemble orchestration techniques for large and small jazz ensembles and the score study of seminal jazz composers. Prerequisite: Jazz Materials (MUSIC 184.3).

West African Drumming (MUS 298.3-Special Topics): Strongly linked to folklore, myth and proverb this course examines (through performance practice) some of the many musical and culturally-related traditions from west African. There are no prerequisites for this course however registration through permission of the department is required.

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