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Anna Boyden






Theory, Aural Skills, Opera History, and Aesthetics of Music




Prior to coming to the University of Saskatchewan, Anna Boyden completed her Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory and Composition at the University of Calgary and her M.A. in Music Theory at the University of Western Ontario. She is presently completing her PhD in Music at the University of Western Ontario.

Ms. Boyden’s research interests include critical theory, the aesthetics of music, the history and analysis of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century opera, history of music theory, and music theory pedagogy. Her dissertation titled “Elektra’s Truth Content: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Opera Analysis” focuses on a contextual analysis of Richard Strauss’s 1909 opera Elektra.

Ms. Boyden has given papers at various national and international conferences in North America. Before moving to Saskatoon she taught at the University of Western Ontario. She is presently teaching courses in the core theory sequence, aural skills, keyboard harmony, opera history, and the aesthetics of music.



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