Student Handbook



The Department owns band, orchestra, historical, and ethnic instruments which students may rent or, in some circumstances, borrow. Instruments must be checked out by Melissa Latos in ARTS 518. The general schedule of rental and borrowing criteria are as follows:

Music Students:

Applied Instrument and/or Dept Ensembles
(student using for Applied Lesson or ensemble):

$100 per term

Instruments for Techniques classes will be checked out and returned in class.

Yamaha Canada Music and St. John's Music are pleased to offer support to the next generation of Band Directors. By providing a class set of band instruments for instrumental methods courses at the U of S, Yamaha is ensuring a quality experience for these future music educators. Depend on Yamaha!


Percussion Majors:

ALL percussion majors are required to pay a "percussion major fee". This fee covers the cost of using Department of Music percussion equipment for applied or ensemble use. This fee must be paid on fees day in September.
$200 per academic year ($100 additional for summer use)
This fee is in addition to the $40 deposit for percussion key sets.



An instrument must be returned or checked out again at the end of the agreed-upon time period or before the last day of exams for that term (whichever applies to the rental). If you require a separate locker for a rented instrument you may be charged a locker rental plus may need to sign out a key. (See Key Check-out)

An instrument checked out for;

Winter 2014 is due back April 15, 2014
Fall and Winter 2013-14 is due back April 15, 2014

If the due date is not honored, a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed and the studentís name will be reported to the Business Office for a hold on their records. When an instrument valued at more than $500.00 becomes a month overdue, Security and the Controllerís Office will be notified for action.



We are all completely dependent on a few valuable and finicky pianos. Proper care of the Department pianos requires cooperation, care and attention from everyone ó faculty, staff and students alike.

Please remember:
1) Always close the keyboard covers (and on grands, the lids) to keep out dirt and dust.
2) Each grand has a humidifier system. Make sure itís plugged in; donít ignore it just because it was unplugged when you arrived. If you notice the amber warning light flashing, please leave a note for the Troy Linsley in room 1047.
3) In Quance, replace the cloth cover, being careful not to leave gaps where the bottom edge meets the floor.
4) When moving a grand piano (even a few inches) ALWAYS lower the lid: even a slight shove can move the lid off the stick and cause serious damage.
5) NEVER put drinks or food ANYWHERE on a piano!
6) Be sure to report damage, malfunctions, or loss of tuning to the Administrative Assistant.


In addition to the two concert grand pianos, the Quance Theatre stage has chairs, risers, blackboards on wheels, an data projector and a podium. Quance is used by many other departments as a lecture hall. Frequently, both other departments and the Dept. of Music leave equipment scattered across the stage, lights on, etc. It might influence other departments if we set a better example. So, regardless of the condition of the stage when you arrive, please re-set when you are finished using the area. Push the piano to the side wall, lock it, cover it and plug in the humidifier; stack chairs and stands against the back wall (if you have a Quance backstage key, return the stands backstage); pick up and throw away any trash; turn off the lights if no one will be using it after you.



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