Student Handbook



Located in the basement of the Education Building, between the buffeteria and the south stairwell, there are lockers in four sizes available for Dept. of Music students. The largest lockers are given to those students who can show they have large or multiple instruments (i.e., having a bulky coat, skis, etc., does not justify a large locker).

The Music Department assigns lockers based on student file information. Locker numbers will be pre-assigned and distributed when Department fees are paid. Requests for a particular locker or locker size for the following year may be made in writing no later than the end of Term 2.

If an additional or larger locker is needed after locker assignments are made, see the receptionist in the office; specify which size of locker and give a locker number as an example. Requests will be handled in the order received, and granted as units become available. An additional locker will be charged another $20.00 fee.

Lockers are to be vacated by the last day of exams in Term 2. If you need a locker during Intersession, be sure that the office staff know! Belongings found in a locker after the return date will be disposed of.

Locks are NOT provided and must be provided by the user.



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