Student Handbook



There are 14 practice rooms available: seven in hallway 1101, four in hallway 1104, and two modules in the basement, past the lockers. Music students may reserve up to 8 hours of practice time per week. Sign-up is at the Music Office early after classes start, by Program Year (beginning with Fourth Year). You may use a room you haven’t reserved, but a student with a reservation can ask you to leave.

The practice areas upstairs are locked 24 hours a day. Entrance is gained with code lock access. Music majors will be given the code via email. This code is changed each term and you will be notified via email.

Grand pianos, for general practice by piano majors, are located in Rooms 1101.4, 1101.7, 1031, 1033, and 1036. (The grands in Quance are used only for recital preparation.) (See “Room Bookings” for reservation procedures.)




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