About Us

Name Title Room Phone Email
Larry Chartrand Academic Director 160.2 966-5806 larry.chartrand@usask.ca
Nicole Brown Clerical Assistant 160  966-6189  nicole.brown@usask.ca
Duy Hoang Senior IT Support Specialist 160.14 
Research & Publications
James [Sákéj] Youngblood Henderson Research Fellow
147 Law  966-6191  sakej.henderson@usask.ca
Meredith Maloof Manger and Editor, Publications 160.12  966-6193  meredith.maloof@usask.ca
Brad Fenty Publications Assistant 160.17  966-6196  brad.fenty@usask.ca
Diane Kotschorek Publications Assistant 160.17 966-6196 diane.kotschorek@usask.ca
Jamesy Patrick Publications Assistant 160.12 966-6198 jamesy.patrick@usask.ca
Program of Legal Studies for Native People
Kathleen Makela Acting Program Manager, Program of Legal Studies for Native People
160.18 966-6192 kathleen.makela@usask.ca
Ruth Thompson (on leave) Director, Program of Legal Studies for Native People 160.4 966-6190 ruth.thompson@usask.ca