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    Gehl v. Canada

    Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Registration under the Indian Act – Unknowable paternity – Section 15 – Discrimination based on race, gender or family or marital status   More »

    Lubicon Lake Nation v. Penn West Petroleum

    Private law claims grounded in Aboriginal rights and title – Oil and gas development – Striking pleadings – Collateral attack – Abuse of process – Duplication   More »

    Nunatsiavut v. Canada

    Duty to consult and accommodate – Environmental assessment – Joint Review Panel – Delegation – Collateral attack – Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement – Hydro-elec  More »

    Aseniwuche Winewak First Nation v. Canada

    Civil procedure – Failure to prosecute – Significantly advance – Conflicts of interest - Alberta Rules of Court - Specialized nature of Aboriginal law   More »

    R. v. H.G.R.

    Gladue reports – Whether Gladue reports are mandatory - Sufficiency of information on Gladue factors - Pre-sentence reports – Psychiatric reports    More »

    Canadian Human Rights Commission v. Canada

    Human rights – Registration under the Indian Act – Second generation cut-off rule - Canadian Human Rights Act - Service customarily available to the general public – Stare decisis &  More »

    Red Chris Development Ltd. v. Quock

    Costs - Injunction application - Blockades - History of failing to obey court orders - Reprehensible conduct - Financial hardship - Public interest - Self-help remedies - Assertion of Aboriginal right  More »