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    Métis Nation—Saskatchewan v. Morin

    Governance – Contempt of court – Métis Nation—Saskatchewan – Contempt must be intentional and/or deliberate – Obstacles to compliance should be considered  More »

    Matsqui First Nation v. Canada

    Civil procedure – Mandatory mediation – Aboriginal rights litigation – Right to fish salmon for domestic purposes – Impracticality of settlement    More »

    Kwakiutl First Nation v. British Columbia

    Duty to consult – Douglas treaties – Aboriginal title – Strategic and high-level decisions – Consult must be with a view to accommodation – Actual impact not necessary to  More »

    Louie v. Louie

    Governance - Fiduciary duties of band council - Retroactive honorarium - No conflict rule - No profit rule - Indian Act - Section 2(3) - Personal benefit  More »

    R. v. Daybutch (Guest entry)

    Curative discharge - Impaired driving - Equality rights of Aboriginal offenders - Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Section 15 - Failure to proclaim in force s. 255(5) of Criminal Code  More »

    Yellowknives Dene First Nation v. Canada

    Duty to consult – Environmental assessment – Accommodation – Cumulative impacts – Land use planning – Duty to consult need not lead to a single outcome    More »

    Michel First Nation v. Canada

    Civil procedure – Failure to prosecute – Significant advance in the action - Alberta Rules of Court – Notice of constitutional question - Honour of the Crown – Procedural defen  More »