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Aboriginal Health &
Cultural Diversity Glossary

G– Definitions

“Genocide, term given for the extermination of a people” (Daniels, 1999).

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genogram & medicine wheel as assessment tools:
“The genogram, “a graphic representation of the multigenerational family is both an assessment tool and an intervention tool. It can be used with the family as a way of gathering data and organizing it before their eyes (Kilpatrick & Holland, 1999, 163). The genogram can be used as a complement to the medicine wheel in identifying family patterns and significant events or peoples. The family can fill in each quadrant as a tool in their healing process” (Napoli & Gonzalez-Smith, 2001).

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gestational diabetes:
“This form of diabetes only develops during pregnancy. It goes away after the baby is born. However, all women who have gestational diabetes are at a higher risk for developing Type 1 or 2 in the future. Aboriginal women who develop gestational diabetes are at an even higher risk for diabetes, and could develop it within three to ten years” (Canadian Health Network, 2003).

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" A family celebrating a member's formal entry into the dance circle, or wishing to commemorate the death of a loved one, often hosts a giveaway during a pow-wow. This tradition embodies the value of sharing with others. Gifts such as blankets, beadwork and crafts are given to friends and visitors followed by appropriate songs and dances" (Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP], 2003, par 30).
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Government of Canada, 1867:
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