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Aboriginal Health &
Cultural Diversity Glossary

J – Definitions

Jakarta Declaration for Health Promotion, 1997
“The Jakarta Declaration for Health Promotion, July 21-25, 1997, this declaration, introduced the re-examination of determinants of health and the issue of poverty as the greatest threat to health. It called for new responses and a clear need to break through traditional boundaries within government sectors and between public and private sectors. Co-operation was declared essential requiring new partnerships and relationships of equal footing between all levels of governance in societies (World Health Organization, 1997).

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“An inherent problem is the difference between Euro-Canadian and Aboriginal concepts of the meaning of justice. Aboriginal societies felt that it is important that offender ask for forgiveness for their acts to the victim and the victim’s family or clan. Once the amends had been made, and the offence recognized, harmony within the community was considered restored. By comparison European society demanded the state punish the offender. The emphasis in Euro-Canadian law is to punish the individual who displays deviant behaviour as a means of making that person conform or as a means of protection of other members of society” (Industry Canada, 2003).

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justice system:
The purposes of a justice system in Aboriginal society are to restore the balance and peace within the community and to reconcile the accused with his or her own conscience and with the victim” (Industry Canada, 2003).

justice system (Criminal):
“This system consists of law enforcement, the courts and corrections” (Kent-Wilkinson, 2003).

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