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Aboriginal Health &
Cultural Diversity Glossary

V – Definitions

“Inoculation differs from vaccination in that it introduces pus or powdered scab material to induce a mild infection, but renders the individual infectious” (Lux , 2001, p. 16)

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“In terms of prevention, Aboriginal people are one of the few groups in Canada which receive the BCG vaccine at birth” (Waldram, Herring, & Young, 1995, p. 78).

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venereal disease:
(See also, STD & HIV infection)
(Waldram, Herring, & Young, 1995, p. 23, 76).

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(See also child abuse, homicide, injuries)
(Waldram, Herring, & Young, 1995, p. 40, 90-92).
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Virgin soil epidemics:
“Virgin soil epidemics are characterized by unusually high mortality in all age groups, rather than the more usual high frequency of illness and death among the very young and the very old” (Waldram, Herring, & Young, 1995, p. 44).
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