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Aboriginal Health &
Cultural Diversity Glossary

W– Definitions

Western Theory:
“The Western Theory uses an analytic approach: separation of body, mind and spirit (total split between medicine and religion). Emphasis on disease and treatment. Impersonal, scientific approach to health and sickness. Western medicine governed by laws of the state: man made laws which grow out of political-economic system. Health and sickness are understood in terms of quantifiable, scientific data. Man controlling nature, manipulating natural variables. Doctor is accountable to the government and to his professional association. Medicine is a business, the patient is the consumer, the doctor and the medical industry profit. The government, the taxpayer and the consumer support the doctor and the practice of medicine. Encourages dependency and abdication of self government by the people” (Woods, 2003).

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“A whaler is one that hunts or processes whales. A vessel or person employed in the whale fishery” ( online, 2003).

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White Paper on Indian Policy, 1969:
“The 1969 White Paper, advanced by the relatively new Trudeau government was based upon a sweeping conceptualization of equality. The White Paper proposed that the treaties be terminated, that Indian status be abolished, that reserve lands be granted to individual members in fee simple, or sold, and that the Indian Act and Indian Department be abolished. Indians would be subject to provincial laws in all respects and no longer a federal responsibility” (Henderson, 2001).

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“This term embraces a ‘whole of life’ view including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms” (Saskatchewan Advisory Committee on Diabetes, 2000).
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whooping cough:
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Wiingashk (sweetgrass):
“Wiingashk (Sweetgrass) represents the hair of mother earth, so it is often braided. Wiingashk is known for its beautiful aroma when people use it for cleansing. They do this by lighting the braid on the end, producing a smoke that is used to cleanse and purify" (Canadian Health Network, 2000).
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witch doctor:
“Someone who is believed to heal through magical powers; a sorcerer, prophet, or shamanistic healer, especially among African peoples; not in scientific use” ( online, 2003).

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