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Dean's Welcome

Dear Alumni,

In 2007 when I joined the College of Nursing, one of my goals was to learn what it meant to have a “sense of place” in Saskatchewan.  I knew this was important to the university and that it could also guide my work in the college.  Becoming part of a new province and finding our sense of place quickly became my mission. That journey began with our alumni - connecting with each of you across the province, across Canada and abroad. Today, as we approach the 2015-16 academic year, “sense of place” is no longer an ideal to work towards; it is our reality. A reality you have created as graduates of the college and as outstanding nurses in your careers. The way you represent what the University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing means has been an ongoing lesson that I have learned, as many of you shared your stories of student days, beginning new careers and the deep appreciation you have maintained for human kindness and well-being.  The values of our college have come alive in your stories.  Your faces glow with pride and I have been privileged to experience this.

Learn Where You Live has been our forward movement to solidify our sense of place in the province of Saskatchewan.  With your help and wise counsel, we have taken our program into communities where young adults did not consider post-secondary education possible.  We are building alumni who will represent the geography of living in Saskatchewan.  It is our hope we will also build a workforce of nurses who will care for the people of our province in northern, remote and rural areas where we sometimes struggle to maintain high quality health care.  Like many of you, our graduates will continue to take the college to other provinces and countries.  Our global health initiatives prepare our learners for health issues that cross borders and help graduates bring best practices to local needs, as well as abroad.

The 75th Anniversary in 2013-14 marked a significant accomplishment of alumni.  I invite you to continue to make history, as we approach the next 25 years that will complete a century at the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing.

Lorna Butler, RN, PhD
Dean, College of Nursing