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What is a Learning Community

Learning Communities (LCs) at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing can CONNECT you to your future college, classmates, professors, and colleagues. Our LCs will help you CULTIVATE the academic skills you need as a nursing student and give you an opportunity to COLLABORATE with other pre-professional year students. Through these learning communities you will hear from nursing professionals and senior nursing students and expand your understanding of the professional CULTURE of nursing.

Nursing is about working together! Join a learning community today and start making connections that will last a lifetime.

Join Learning Communities on Facebook

The Nursing LC is on Facebook. You can view the page whether you have a Facebook account or not. On this page we will be posting interesting links, comments, conducting polls, and connecting you to information that will help you gain a better understanding of the nursing profession as well as the nursing program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Ask a Nurse Video Series

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Not sure what the profession is all about? We've created a four part video series to highlight the various areas of practice within a nursing profession. These topics were narrowed down based on student polling and the questions asked in the series were derived from student input.

Click Here to View the Testimonial

Click Here to View the Testimonial

Click Here to View the Testimonial

Click Here to View the Testimonial