College of Nursing


Activities of the Centre

1. Research Development & Grantsmanship

  1. Support the development of research proposals for Tri-Council (SSHRC & CIHR) and other funding related to nursing and interprofessional education (e.g., methodology consultation, internal reviews).
  2. Develop research capacity of faculty and graduate students through seminars designed to:(a) refine fundable research questions; (b) develop methodological expertise; and (c) explore collaborative methods in research.
  3. Conduct research on nursing education pedagogy and innovation.

2. Undergraduate Nursing Student Database

  1. Manage and further develop this database in conjunction with educational partners (SIAST, First Nations University of Canada, and other stakeholders).
  2. Conduct research on the undergraduate nursing student database (e.g., follow-up surveys, attrition).
  3. Maintain liaison with Institutional Analysis (University of Saskatchewan) in the development of the database.

3. Interprofessional Activities

  1. Participate in the development and evaluation of the IECPCP initiative.
  2. Develop relationships with researchers and graduate students in other Health Science Colleges at the University of Saskatchewan to develop and evaluate other interprofessional initiatives.
  3. Conduct research on interprofessional initiatives in collaboration with other Health Sciences Colleges at the University of Saskatchewan, and beyond.

4. Communication & Knowledge Transfer

  1. Develop and maintain linkages with related research centres and groups (particularly those in Western Canada).
  2. Develop and maintain linkages with policy-makers and other stakeholders at regional, provincial and national levels.
  3. Disseminate theory and research findings on innovations in nursing education and interprofessional education (based on research conducted by faculty and graduate students).
  4. Maintain liaison between the Centre and the curriculum committees of the various health science colleges to support integration of research findings into curriculum and program developments.