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Continuing Education and Development for Nurses


1. Does Continuing Education and Development for Nurses (CEDN) provide Continuing Competence/Professional Development points to nurses who attend education sessions and workshops?

Conferences, workshops, and other education sessions held by CEDN are not assigned continuing education "points" or "credits" as is seen with conferences or workshops aimed at physicians, pharmacists and physical therapists, for example.

All registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners (NP), registered psychiatric nurses (RPN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) all have a continuing competency requirement as a condition of licensure by their respective professional associations.  It is the responsibility of each nurse to keep track of professional development and education sessions they attend or access in regards to their identified learning needs.  Although the mechanisms for continuing competence differ somewhat between the licensing bodies in regards to "credits" or "evidence of attendance/learning", each nurse is required to track this according to the requirements of their professional association.  CEDN will provide each conference, workshop or education session participant with a certificate of attendance/completion that meets the criteria for continuing competence and professional development. 

2. How can I arrange a CEDN course or workshop in my region?

CEDN offers courses with "open" registration that anyone anywhere in the province can attend, as well as "closed" registration courses where registration spots are filled by participants from a specific health region.  You can contact your manager or clinical nurse educator and let them know what course you are interested in. Other nurses in your region may be interested in the same course and CEDN will work with your health region to bring the course to you. Your manager or clinical nurse educator can contact us to discuss this further. 

A full listing and descriptions of CEDN workshops and course offerings can be found on our website

3. Can Special Care Aides take CEDN courses?

At this time, CEDN courses are offered to licensed health care providers such as Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses.

4. Do I have foot care certification when I have completed the Foot Care Workshop offered by Continuing Education and Development for Nurses (CEDN)?

Currently there is no certification process for the delivery of foot care by nurses in Saskatchewan or elsewhere in Canada.  Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) complete additional education and training to prepare them to provide foot care to patients/clients/residents in the province particularly in the areas of community and long term care.

RNs, RPNs and LPNs who complete the two day Foot Care Workshop that is offered by  CEDN and taught by podiatrists receive hands on practice and additional education and training in the areas of assessment, prevention, treatment where appropriate and referral where indicated.  The Foot Care Workshop is non-credit and participants received a certificate of completion following successful evaluation.

The Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN) is working to develop a certification process for Canadian foot care nurses.  You can follow their work and access other good resources related to foot care on their website

5. Does the Continuing Education and Development for Nurses (CEDN) Foot Care Workshop prepare Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) to provide foot care?

The Saskatchewan Association of Licensed Practical Nurses (SALPN) has developed a Foot Care Guideline (available at  This guideline discusses the education and training that LPNs require to provide foot care in Saskatchewan.

The Foot Care Guideline identifies three categories:

  • "Basic skills" – LPNs receive the education and training for this category in their basic practical nurse training.
  • "Basic skills with additional competencies" – this category requires additional education training for LPNs to provide foot care in community and long term care settings.  The CEDN Foot Care Workshop provides the education and training to prepare LPNs to provide foot care in this category.  The workshop provides content on assessment, prevention and treatment (if appropriate) and referral where indicated.  The two day workshop provides hands on practice and is taught by a podiatrist.  SALPN endorses this workshop as one that will prepare LPNs to practice in the "Basic skills with additional competencies"category.
  • "Specialty practice" – this category outlines more invasive foot care practices.

6. Are there different levels of foot care training?

There are different levels of foot care training:

  • Basic foot care is what is covered in nursing school curricula.
  • CEDN offers additional foot care training focusing on good assessment, prevention and timely referrals.  This training is not advanced training or certification for a foot care specialty.
  • Advanced foot care training is not offered by CEDN at this time.
  • The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is in the process developing foot care certification with the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN).

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