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Message from the Dean

Interim Dean Dr. Beth Horsburgh

As interim dean of the College of Nursing (CoN), my focus has been to provide transitional leadership within the College – working to prepare the College for a new dean, and the next round of integrated planning.

The College of Nursing has been working on a new Philosophy. While it is still a work in progress, the most recent iteration includes the following text: “We value diversity, cultural safety, social justice and ethical practice. Through practical innovations, including technology mediated solutions, we foster collaboration with communities, and inclusiveness and access with specific consideration of the needs of rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.” It is exciting to work with enthusiastic students, faculty and staff who value these ideals. I continue to be impressed by the well-managed risk-taking that the College of Nursing has taken part in to further these philosophical principles. Our College is a pioneer in rural and remote delivery of nursing programs, and while we have “miles to go” before we attain full diversity, cultural safety and social justice – together, we have made substantial progress.

The College of Nursing has a long-standing commitment to Indigenous students. Together, we have celebrated the graduations of over 400 First Nation, Métis and Inuit students, while approximately 200 self-declared Indigenous students presently study within College of Nursing programs! Over the years, Indigenous students, staff and faculty have helped shaped what this College has become. Their contributions and struggles have informed our efforts to keep improving the student experience for all students – for those who want and need to study in their home communities and for those who are able to come and experience learning at one of our urban campuses.

We know it can be a difficult journey for students - Indigenous and non-Indigenous; undergraduate and graduate. We pledge to continue to listen carefully to one another and we will continue to lend a respectful, helping hand and an understanding ear.

Our strength is our diversity, and our challenges of yesterday and today will continue to inform our innovations of tomorrow and for years to come. It is our innovation, accumulated over 100 years of working together that has built a sustainable future for 21st century nursing in Saskatchewan and around the world. Like the wise old elm trees that grace the heart of our beautiful Saskatoon campus, the roots of the College of Nursing go deep, and our branches reach high.

As you may know, the Saskatchewan government announced a 5.6% budget reduction on March 22, 2017, a cut unprecedented in the university’s history. University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff has placed an eloquent and reassuring message on the University of Saskatchewan website that you will want to review and share with others. I want to add my reassurance on behalf of the College of Nursing, that our College will stay the course. No discipline at the University of Saskatchewan is more resourceful or resilient. We will continue on the path of diversity, cultural safety, social justice and ethical practice. We will continue to advance our innovation agenda in partnership with the patients, families and the communities we serve!

As we move forward into the Fourth Integrated Planning Cycle of this great university, we know that collaboration with each other, our communities, our Saskatchewan government, nursing organizations, other health professions and many stakeholders is the key to future success – individually and collectively. We look forward to our future together!

As spring brings the warm promise of renewal, please accept my warmest regards to you and your families.

Beth Horsburgh, RN, PhD
Professor and Interim Dean, College of Nursing