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Message from the Dean

Interim Dean Dr. Beth Horsburgh

As we begin 2017, I see strategic opportunities for the College of Nursing to make an even greater impact upon the nursing profession and discipline - that is both near- and far-reaching.

Over the past nine months, my priority as interim dean in the College of Nursing has focused upon the provision of transitional leadership within the College – working to prepare the College for a new deanship and the next round of integrated planning. As the largest non-departmentalized college at the U of S, it is exciting to work with engaged faculty and staff who ensure that the learning and discovery experiences for students remain robust and continually improve. In a U15 environment, the College of Nursing promotes quality learning experiences for our students while also supporting the achievement of research and scholarly excellence.

I have met with faculty, staff, student leaders, and key stakeholders. You have shared your hopes for the College of Nursing with me. As we move forward in 2017, recommendations you have provided will improve communication and feedback within the College. When we hold each other accountable for collaborative and collegial behavior, the College of Nursing and indeed, the nursing profession, will be assured of a culture of trust and respect.

One of our many strengths within the College of Nursing is a commitment to Indigenous students –approximately 200 at present within College of Nursing programs. Over the past decade, the College of Nursing has supported approximately 360 Indigenous students to graduate successfully from our nursing programs!

With our distributed learning model spread across six communities and three campuses, the College of Nursing continues our commitment to “learn where you live”. The College is fortunate to have engaged with communities and partners from across Saskatchewan and beyond. Diversity is one of our strategic features – and it is an asset the College will continue to prioritize for further development.

There are opportunities for the College of Nursing to deepen and diversify community engagement. Working with communities and other organizations to further develop nurse-led, interprofessional, primary health care services will provide patients, families and communities with improved and more cost-effective care. These opportunities will also ensure that nurses and other health providers are supported to collaborate with patients and one another – while working to their full scopes of practice. Ultimately, these practice-based innovations will positively affect the health of Saskatchewanians and the sustainability of our health system!

This is an exciting time for the College of Nursing! Continued and enhanced collaboration will be the key to future success!

Beth Horsburgh, RN, PhD
Professor and Interim Dean, College of Nursing