College of Nursing

About the College

Goals for the College

Over the next fifteen years, the College of Nursing will have achieved our Vision. By 2023 we will have;

  • increased our capacity to 820 undergraduate nursing students, representative of the gender and ethnicity of the Saskatchewan population, who are actively engaged in appropriate technology-supported learning, demonstrate patient-driven care, engage with faculty in research and scholarly activities and develop as leaders;
  • a total of 150 Masters students and 50 PhD students who, with faculty supervisors, are leading knowledge generation, dissemination and translation in identified themes associated with our sense of place;
  • engaged alumni contributing to nursing education and implementing research in practice, who support College initiatives through donations of time and money;
  • ergonomically appropriate facilities equipped with leading edge technology located throughout the province and internationally;
  • College of Nursing researchers leading the U of S in research funding, and generating and disseminating knowledge that the practice sector implements easily;
  • faculty, graduates and students identified as leaders and sought as resources;
  • innovation in education, including creating and using technology to support learning and patient-driven care;
  • become a College being sought internationally as a resource because it lives out its values through developing relationships, building capacity and sharing expertise;
  • provided direct policy support to governments in creating a vibrant health care system that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the people of Saskatchewan.