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As you browse our newly designed website, follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, a sense of creative connectedness unfolds as the work of the college is experienced. The University of Saskatchewan has been concerned with ensuring a sense of place within the province. Our college has learned and understands sense of place for nursing education. We now strive to position nursing education as a way of putting health in place for the people of Saskatchewan. We have embraced distributed learning as a way of reaching out to rural and remote communities for access to education. Communities challenge us to think differently, to take risks and to consider alternate ways of knowing. Engaging with different cultures, values and beliefs across our province inspired us to look beyond our borders to find local-global comparisons that determine healthy outcomes. The relationships that have emerged are grounded in mutual respect and admiration for our individual and collective contributions to education and health.

To be a program of preference is reputational and earned. During my second term as Dean, my thoughts are about legacy - how do we want our graduates to look back on their time as a student in the college – what is the perception in the communities we serve?  What is the value added to a community or agency because we were there?  Nursing programs teach leadership and expect students to be leaders in their nursing work. How will we know if we are learning to lead? Does leading become leadership? The answers can be found on multiple pages of our website.

The 2014-15 academic year saw the first graduating class from our new BSN program; an important milestone in our history. We have received a seven year accreditation for the new BSN (Stage A Phase 1) program, which is an outstanding accomplishment that reflects many hours of dedication by faculty and staff. In September 2014, the first students entered the nursing program in Yorkton in partnership with Parkland College and Sunrise Health Region. This is the 6th site for the college across Saskatchewan.

There are incredible people working in the College of Nursing who share their knowledge and experiences every day.  Working together internally, collaborating with others, reaching out to engage beyond our discipline and connecting the unconnected are acts of extraordinary proportions.   It is a privilege to live this experience in the College of Nursing. I welcome you to listen to the faculty videos and learn of their contributions to creating safe, healthy communities in which we live and learn in Saskatchewan. Our history had helped to shape who we are; the future lies ahead of us – I encourage you to become a legacy sculptor in creating our future.

Lorna Butler, RN, PhD
Dean, College of Nursing