College of Nursing

International Study Abroad


In our globalized world, there is a growing need to develop our students understanding of universal health issues. One of the best ways to instill a sense of global citizenship is an international study abroad experience. The College of Nursing currently offers study abroad experiences for students in our Post-Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing (PDBSN) program and for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students. Students are selected based on good academic standing, a letter of application, references and an interview.

International Practicum Countries

The College of Nursing offers international practicums in the following countries: Australia, Finland (will not be offered for 2017 practicums), Philippines and Tanzania.

Note: Tanzania Spring Practicum for Year 3 has been cancelled.

Who Can Apply

The following students are eligible for study abroad placements:

  • 1st year PDBSN students to countries available during the winter senior practicum of the year they entered
  • 3rd year BSN students for their Year 4 senior practicum

Deadline to Apply: April 1st (prior to the practicum the student is applying for).