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Provost's College Award for Outstanding Teaching

Congratulations to Dr Sandra Bassendowski, winner of the Provost's College Awards for Outstanding Teaching. Sandra's teaching is aimed at optimizing the learning experience. She demonstrates leadership through her teaching. Consistent with the Teaching and Learning Foundational document, Dr Bassendowski's work is evidence that she understands the goal of university-based knowledge as an ability to find ways of making the complex seem simple. This goal is critically important in the health professions. Her teaching builds on the learner's capacity for integrative and interprofessional thinking.  Her approach to teaching is outside the box for nursing and for academia. Her research informs her teaching and the knowledge gained in the classroom experience informs her research question. Inherent in this integration is her enthusiasm to push beyond the obvious; to embrace the technology as a teaching and learning methodology. She understands how the younger generations use technology to communicate socially and creates the platform for educational endeavors. She connects with the student by building on their strengths and comfort with technology to advance their level of inquiry within a virtual, global context.  Sandra's work is already reshaping nurses' thinking and how nursing knowledge is viewed by others in the system. Her approach to scholarship connects learners with practicing nurses by providing opportunities for nurses to not only practice their profession in a knowledge intensive environment but to create that environment.